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Defibrillator monitor multifunction bi-phase LIFEGAIN CU-HD1 buy in Almaty
Buy Defibrillator monitor multifunction bi-phase LIFEGAIN CU-HD1
Defibrillator monitor multifunction bi-phase LIFEGAIN CU-HD1

Defibrillator monitor multifunction bi-phase LIFEGAIN CU-HD1

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The defibrillator monitor multifunction bi - phase LIFEGAIN CU - HD1 has a possibility of work in manual and AED the modes, can use one - time, external and internal digit electrodes. The device has the built - in transkutanny pacemaker for temporary stimulation of a rhythm at patients from the lowered ChSS.

In the device there is a SpO2 module for monitoring of a saturation of blood oxygen and the monitor with a possibility of single - step reproduction of 12 assignments. (option)

The defibrillator is equipped with port for memory cards, the built - in printer. These parameters do a defibrillator to the most convenient for intrahospital use.

The defibrillator monitor multifunction bi - phase LIFEGAIN CU - HD1 is developed especially for the highly professional resuscitators rescuing patients with a cardiac standstill.

AED mode

It is used for reanimation of patients with a symptom of the sudden cardiac standstill (SCS), and also for treatment of patients with acute cardiac arrhythmia, with the analysis of an ECG of the patient for definition whether there is a patient in a condition of the cardiac arrhythmia including ventrikulyarny tachycardia and ventrikulyarny fibrillation. At such way of functioning the device provides sound and text reminders.

Manual mode

Asynchronous defibrillation and synchronous cardioversion.

Pacemaker mode

  • Transkutanny stimulation in two modes: "Fixed" and "Adjusted"
  • Manual and AED modes
  • Reusable utyuzhkovy digit electrodes – adult and children's, with the charge button; removal of an ECG through electrodes
  • Multifunction electrodes (one - time)
  • The ECG cable on 3, 5, and 12 assignments (option)
  • SpO2 sensor (option)
  • Noninvasive traskutanny cardiostimulation (option)
  • Noninvasive ABP control (option)

Technical characteristics of a defibrillator monitor  of LIFEGAIN CU - HD1:



  1. Display


TFT of color LCD


15,2x9,1 cm



  1. Defibrillation

Wave form

e - cube Bi - phase


Manual mode: 1 ~ 10 J, 15 J, 20 J, 30 J, 50 J, 70 J, 100 J, 120 J, 150 J, 170 J, 200 J

AED: 200 By J it (is fixed)

Synchronous cardioversion

Way of delivery of the category

Through utyuzhkovy electrodes or multifunction

Defi electrodes (one - time)

Patient's resistance

От 25 до 175 Ohm

AED mode

Conforms to requirements of the AAMI DF - 80 protocol

Synchronization with an ECG

Transmission of energy begins in an interval of 60 ms of peak of QRS

Voice and text hints

Multitongue support

  1. ECG monitoring


Cable on 3 assignments of I, II, III;

Cable on 5 assignments of I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF or V (option)

Cable on 10 assignments  (option)

All 12 assignments at the same time are displayed (option)

Display of a cordial rhythm

30 - 300 beats/min (±3 beats/min)

ECG size

5,10,20 mm/mV and car


ChSS, asystolia, ZhF and ZhT

Alarm of an electrode

Electrode detachment signal

  1. Pulsoksimetriya's (Nellcor) SpO2 (option)


70 - 100% (±3 units)


20 - 250 beats/min (±3 beats/min)



SpO2 alarm

It is less than minimum programmed

It is more than most programmed

  1. Electric parameters

External battery

Type: reusable 14,8B, 3,1 Ampch of Li - Polymer battery

Capacity: 200 categories (new)

Charging time: 4 hours

AC/DC adapter

Leaving: DC 18B, 6A

The adapter for the car: DC 12B

Charging time

From the adapter – less than 5 sec. to 200 J

From the battery – less than 7 sec. to 200 J

  1. Physical parameters


Without irons 318kh208kh355mm


5 kg (with external irons)

  1. Service conditions and storages


Worker: 0 - 40 C;

Storage: - 20 to + 60 ℃


5 - 95%

  1. Built - in printer

ECG press

Continuous electrocardiogram in real time (a delay – 8 sec. )

Automatic press

The recorder is programmed on the press of noted episodes, charges, categories and alarm

Press speed

25 mm/sec.


Width – 50 mm, diameter of a roll – 40 mm

  1. Noninvasive cardiostimulation (option)

Wave form

Bi - phase




Amplitude accuracy

0 – 200 ma ( + - 5 ma)

Pulse width

20 ms ( + - 1,5% )

  1. Noninvasive ABP control (option)


Adults, children, newborns




Automatic and manual

Auto - intervals

1,3,5,10,15,30,60,120 min.

ABP display

Systolic pressure

Diastolic pressure

Arterial average pressure

ABP indicators

Adults: 40 - 260 mm Hg.

Children: 40 - 160 mm Hg.

Newborns: 40 - 130 mm Hg.

Range of systolic pressure

Adults: 20 - 200 mm Hg.

Children: 20 - 120 mm Hg.

Newborns: 20 - 100 mm Hg.

Pressure sensor

Adults: 300 mm Hg.

Children: 300 mm Hg.

Newborns: 150 mm Hg.

  1. Storage of information

Memory card (SD card) (option)

ECG, voice, events

Information transfer

USB port, IR - port

Self - testing


Availability for service

Manual test

Periodic test of system (day/week/month).

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Defibrillator monitor multifunction bi-phase LIFEGAIN CU-HD1
Defibrillator monitor multifunction bi-phase LIFEGAIN CU-HD1
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