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The medical device a defibrillator is intended for electropulse therapy of violations of a warm rhythm. Doctors consider as the main indications to use of the device arrhythmia and fibrillation of ventricles. Modern technologies made a defibrillator available to use in public places, schools, business centers, etc. And it is connected with frequent cases of cardiac arrest when the person can be rescued by means of this device. If to trust statistics, only in a year at 12-15 school students heart stops during educational process. And if to capture scales of all country?

It is possible to transfer fibrillation to a normal rhythm not always with the help of an artificial respiration and indirect massage of heart, and then the defibrillator comes to the rescue. He often helps to rescue the patient who is on the verge of life and death.

The modern defibrillator can be different types. So, what types of defibrillators meet:

  1. Hand-operated professional defibrillator. Such device possesses all necessary set of functions: synchronized cardioversion, defibrillation, press, monitoring, etc.). This defibrillator is run manually by buttons, and the category is put with digit electrodes like "irons", pressing to a breast. The professional defibrillator is equipped with the printer and the screen. This device is intended for use by the skilled prepared medical personnel, paramedics.
  2. The automatic defibrillator - independently distinguishes violations of a rhythm and suggests the operator (person) to execute the category. The operator needs to include a defibrillator, to paste disposable sticky electrodes on the patient's breast and to press the category button. The automatic defibrillator can be used by average medical personnel, and also not the medics possessing elementary skills (stewardesses, rescuers, trainers of teams, etc.).

Many professional defibrillators can be equipped with function of an automatic defibrillation, and also have the display, manual control, monitoring and the synchronized cardioversion. Such defibrillator is called universal.

  1. Implaniruyemy defibrillator. Such device of the midget size, during surgeries is implanted in a body of the person. It is very often combined with a pacemaker. The Implaniruyemy defibrillator is necessary for people with dangerous violations of a rhythm of heart. The emergency medical service does not use this type of devices.
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