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Use of IVL Savina promotes recovery of the patient even in case of carrying out long ventilation. In addition, in Savin-e the possibility of carrying out invasive and noninvasive ventilation is combined. Researches showed that noninvasive ventilation helps to reduce number of repeated intubations and to accelerate recovery time. Also, Savina faultlessly is suitable for carrying out short-term IVL. The option LPO - Low Pressure Oxygen (supply of oxygen under low pressure) allows to provide independently giving of O2 from any system of the centralized supply with medical gases, even from systems with the low pressure of giving. In addition, giving of O2 on the device Savina is exclusively thinly adjusted and highly reliable. Three pair reserve sensors accurately control: FiO2 (fraction of the inhaled oxygen in gas mix), pressure in respiratory tracts, minute volume. Carrying out Noninvasive Mask Ventilation (NIV) is possible at any chosen ventilation modes with monitoring and automatic setup of system of alarms. NIV considerably reduces need of an intubation, stay duration on a hospital bed and reduces the number of complications. The concept of the respiratory devices Draeger "Room to Breathe"/, Open respiratory space, accurately observed in Savin-e, allows the patient to breathe spontaneously at any time, at any level of pressure in respiratory tracts, and at any ventilating cycles. In addition, exclusively prompt reply of the device Savina to need of the patient for a certain respiratory flow and the highly sensitive trigger, considerably reduce breath work. The magnificent system of compensation of leak provides the adequate answer and reliable trigger system of compensation even in case of big leakage of a flow as, for example, at NIV (noninvasive mask ventilation).

The built-in internal turbine cancels need for use of oxygen cylinders or the external compressor. Also, the built-in battery guarantees smooth operation of the device in case of shutdown of the centralized power supply source, and also does possible to use Savin-at as transport version of the device IVL. The full range of the modes of ventilation allows to adapt for use the device IVL Savina at patients with different pathology and severity of a course of process. Direct access from the menu of management to settings of the device, in total with the concept of intuitive management, minimize operation training process. Bright colors of the screen of the monitor with high resolving power, are very well distinguishable from any distance. The ergonomic design of the device perfectly is in harmony with the surrounding hospital environment.

- the Open respiratory circuit, with BIPAP/PCV+ does possible soft transfer with IVL into spontaneous breath in case of readiness of the patient for this process.

- The AutoFlow mode promotes spontaneous breath and provides natural gas exchange, and also cleaning of a pulmonary secret.

- Savina is able to provide continuous ventilation both at the patient's bed, and when transporting for patients of any category, even being in a condition of extreme severity.

Option BIPAP*/PCV +
The BIPAP mode * combines verification regimes on pressure with a possibility of spontaneous breath at any time and at any level of pressure that promotes:

  • To reduction of administration of sedative drugs
  • Increases spontaneous respiratory activity
  • Reduces need for forced ventilation
  • Optimizes gas exchange
  • Does possible soft and early transfer with IVL into spontaneous breath

Option AutoFlow®
The AutoFlow® system has advantage, open breath, or spontaneous respiratory movements of the patient, at any modes of ventilation of control on volume. As komplayens (elasticity coefficient) is changeable size, the AutoFlow® mode constantly regulates pressure level for ensuring adequate respiratory volume at minimum levels.

  • Reduces sedation level
  • Increases spontaneous respiratory activity
  • Reduces the period of forced ventilation
  • Optimizes gas exchange
  • Does possible soft and early transfer with IVL into spontaneous breath

Option LPO
The option LPO allows to connect the device IVL Savina to any source of giving of oxygen/O2 working with a low pressure, and also to measure concentration of O2 in the inhaled mix (FiO2) with removal of parameters on the device screen/monitor.

  • LPO - an opportunity to connect any independent source of supply of oxygen under low pressure
  • LPO - exact monitoring of O2
  • LPO - an opportunity to flexibly adjust borders of alarms of giving of O2

NIV - Noninvasive ventilation

  • The intubation is connected with the increased risk of development the fan - the associated pneumonia (IVL-assotsiirovannykh)
  • Use of NIV reduces quantity of intubations, reduces duration of the period of stay in medical institution and reduces number of development of complications
  • NIV helps to avoid repeated intubations and accelerates recovery time
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