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Device of test of AID-70 dielectrics M buy in Almaty
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Device of test of AID-70 dielectrics M

Device of test of AID-70 dielectrics M

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The measuring AID-70 device M is designed for measurements of electrodurability of isolation of power high-voltage wires and cables, various insulating materials, as well as the devices functioning as a part of electroinstallations of a high voltage.
Measurements and control are made by emission on the tested subject of high-voltage tension in the form of a sine with a frequency of 50 Hz with monitoring current which is controlled at loading, beginning from ten microamperes.
The AID-70 device measuring instrument M can be used as a source high postoyan. and changes. tension with the greatest day off of changes. current to 20 ma and postoyan. current to 10 ma.
AID-70M is absolutely safe for for working with the device - intensity of the electromagnetic field made by the device on a workplace of a tekh.personal does not exceed the resolved limit in compliance about the SanPiN "Electromagnetic fields under production conditions at all".

The AID-70M device measuring instrument measures tension directly on loading, and in comparison with other devices making measurements, especially on postoyan. tension, by means of vspomogatelno the connected diode insert, gives the chance to gain the real impression about tension on the existing loading and to fix it with an extraordinary accuracy. Besides, safety of work of service personnel considerably increases, especially at removal of a residual capacitor charge at shutdown of a high voltage.
AID-70M is executed in the tight case providing protection of the control panel against open hit of dust and moisture that is especially important at operation of the device in field conditions and that is not provided by the offices of other producers having openings, or blinds for ventilation.
AID-70M is equipped with modern system of removal of a residual capacitor charge of the outdated unreliable design of an external zamykatel which is not demanding existence.
AID-70M conforms to requirements of GOST 1516.2-97 (The general test methods of electric durability of isolation), corresponds to the declared characteristics and is entered in the State register of measuring instruments for No. 34031. It is registered in the Russian and Kazakhstan state registers of measuring instruments that allows to certify measuring laboratories which part it is AID-70 of M certified on compliance of GOST on electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility: Certificate of conformity No. POCC RU.ME.65. HO 1142. The device allows to connect light and sound indication of inclusion of a high voltage. The kilovoltmeter and the milliamperemeter installed in the control panel by the device have a calibration brand.

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Device of test of AID-70 dielectrics M
Device of test of AID-70 dielectrics M
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