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Technical characteristics
  • Application areaAnimal husbandry
  • Form of disinfectionCurrent

Disinfectant "Vetonorm" is an environmentally friendly disinfectant, powder, bedding dryer of a new generation, designed to treat livestock and poultry complexes, stables, stalls, aviaries, cages and other places where animals are kept in their presence, as well as facilities and equipment, including feed plants .

PURPOSE: processing, disinfection and sanitation.

Disinfectant, powder, litter desiccant, a new generation designed to treat livestock poultry complexes, stables, aviaries, cages and other places where animals are kept in their presence, as well as objects and equipment, including feed absorbs moisture in places of use, absorbs odors of ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, methane and other harmful emissions and gases, has repellent properties, repels adult insects and destroys fly larvae.

The agent is intended for disinfection of livestock and poultry premises, bedding in the presence of all types of animals and birds, as well as objects and equipment, including feed plants, subject to veterinary supervision.

  • Shows more pronounced antibacterial, antiviral, fungicidal, insecticidal actions than analogues;
  • Increases the resistance of young animals;
  • Reduces morbidity and mortality of livestock;
  • It is used in the presence of farm animals, poultry, rabbits and unproductive animals;
  • Promotes the speedy healing of wounds;
  • Neutralizes unpleasant odors and aromatizes indoor air;
  • Non - toxic and completely safe for animals and humans;

"VetoNorm" has an antiseptic wound - healing and anti - inflammatory effect on the hooves, skin and coat of animals:

- minimizes the possibility of inflammation of the hoof horn (rotting of the arrows and pododermatitis);

- eliminates and prevents skin lesions (warts, eczema, scabies, ulcers, boils, lichen, midges);

- heals microcracks, abrasions, scratches, diaper rash, destroys skin parasites, including Chorioptes;

- contributes to the prevention of respiratory diseases.

VetoNorm contains only environmentally friendly substances (silver (Ag), copper (Cu), iron (Fe), zinc (Zn), magnesium (Mg), calcium (Ca)), as well as hypoallergenic essential oils with an anti - stress effect .

Attention Caution! ! !

do not use "VetoNorm" with caustic soda, lime and other alkaline alkaline solutions.


Packing: paper bags with a polypropylene insert according to GOST R 53361, 20 kg each.

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