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Disinfection of baths and saunas order in Nur-Sultan
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Disinfection of baths and saunas

Disinfection of baths and saunas

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Disinfection of baths and saunas

 It is necessary to carry out disinfection in baths and saunas regularly. Several people in a week use your room at least? The probability that one of visitors will bring with himself undesirable microorganisms is already quite high. In bathing conditions invisible guests will be able to propagate with a huge speed. Constant humidity, a low ventiliruyemost, high temperatures – the person in such conditions can sustain not for long, and pathogenic organisms build colonies. Without timely professional disinfection your bath or a sauna will turn into the messenger of fungi of a sort Candida and Trikhofiton.

Cleaning frequency in a bath or a sauna

Fungal infections and microbes develop in damp air of public baths with frightening speed. But it is impossible to be saved from each trouble. Harmful microorganisms will be anyway destroyed with the following cleaning. Question: when to carry out it?

Two major factors influencing degree of impurity of a bath (or saunas):

  • Observance of sanitary standards of operation;
  • Weekly number of visitors.

If you follow rules of hygiene, demand from guests of the accurate relation to bathing rooms, then each visitor will carry less bacteria and fungal infections. Requirements are very simple. Guests have to have with themselves a big rug for sitting or lying. This rug will also absorb the sweat containing a huge number of the microorganisms parasitizing on the person. Pure regiments – the best guarantee that the visitor who came to get rid of illnesses will leave home with skin parasites. As a rug thick terry towels are usually used.

But even if regiments remain pure, a large number of guests in a week all the same gives high chances to communicate to new clients some infection. The institution of high popularity (identical amount of intensity of visits in any days, with peak at the weekend) demands general cleaning at least four times a month. At the same time to carry out the current antimicrobic cleaning, even in baths and saunas with average or low attendance, follows after each session. Only in that case you can guarantee relative safety of visitors.

Specifics of disinfection of baths and saunas

It is necessary to be limited to independent procedures of disinfection only if your permanent members of staff specialize in professional cleaning of a similar view of rooms. But in most cases such experts are "raised" by the cleaning companies. To find at least one it for the staff – a task difficult.

At the same time, for reasonable money you can order full disinfection of a bath or sauna. The term of operation of the room can be prolonged significantly, regularly addressing services of professionals. The following procedures are carried out:

  • Removal of a limy raid with technical processing.
  • Removal of a rust from metal surfaces with the subsequent disinfection.
  • Dry cleaning with disinfection of all wooden surfaces.

All these procedures are labor-consuming, and demand observance of a set of fine details. The limy raid, for example, in the damp warm room changes structure. Without additional processing, it cannot almost be removed with usual means. To bake it is necessary to clean correctly, otherwise from a heat source it will turn into a source of microbes.

It is impossible to execute cleaning of the bathing room with usual household chemicals. Under the influence of non-standard temperatures in the room unique conditions for reproduction of microorganisms are created. It is possible to cope with them only by means of special chemistry. Means for cleaning of baths and saunas will cost the organizations a pretty penny. It is possible to save significantly if to involve the third-party cleaning company in works.

Even disinfecting of wood can be too complex and dangerous challenge for the beginner. The wrong selection of means is capable not only to spoil appearance of shelves forever. The probability "to present" to the following visitors a chemical burn is high.

Such procedures as fumigating of the room or gas-steam processing of surfaces, yield excellent result, but it is correct execute them only professionals can. Entrust disinfection to masters, and the sauna will serve much longer.

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Disinfection of baths and saunas
Disinfection of baths and saunas
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