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Disinfection of pipelines order in Almaty
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Disinfection of pipelines

Disinfection of pipelines

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Kazakhstan, Almaty
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Disinfection of pipelines
  1. Mechanical — provides removal of the infected layer of earth or the device of floorings.
  2. Physical — processing by the lamps radiating an ultraviolet or gamma radiation sources, boiling of linen, ware, harvest material, objects of care of patients, etc. It is generally applied at intestinal infections.
    Boiling is used for processing of linen (boil in soap and soda solution within 2 hours), ware (in 2% soda solution within 15 minutes), drinking water, toys, food. Steam-air mix is the operating beginning in a paroformalinovy disinfection chamber; in disinfection chambers disinfect things of the patient and bedding. Ultra-violet radiation is used for disinfecting of air of rooms in medical and other institutions (a lamp of BUV-15 or BUV-30).
  3. Chemical [1] (the main way) consists in destruction of pathogenic microorganisms and destruction by toksinovantiseptikamiidezinfitsiruyushchy substances.
  4. Combined — is based on a combination of several of the listed methods (for example, damp cleaning with the subsequent ultra-violet radiation)
  5. Biological — is based on antagonistic action between various microorganisms, action of means of the biological nature. It is applied at biological stations, at sewage treatment.
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Disinfection of pipelines
Disinfection of pipelines
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