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Drying oil natural linen CAAH Color

Drying oil natural linen CAAH Color

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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureKazakhstan
  • Composition of drying oilNatural

Name: Drying oil natural linen

Type: Drying oil on the basis of linseed oil


  • internal and external finishing works — coloring of windows, floors, walls, doors;
  • primer of metal and wood surfaces;
  • inclusion in component composition of gustoterty oil paints, primers, fillings;
  • processing of any objects from a tree for extension of service life;
  • restoration of furniture;
  • preliminary processing of surfaces and objects before painting for increase of adhesive properties;
  • protection against water penetration at construction of small vessels — all metal and wooden surfaces are processed;
  • cultivation of solutions of paint, filling, primer, for receiving the necessary consistence;
  • in quality antiseptics at construction of wooden fellings;
  • as decorative finishing finishing of floors, for example, a parquet, and for further care of such coverings.

Description: represents solution in white spirit of the vegetable oils modified by synthetic rubbers and petropolymeric pitch with introduction of a sikkativ

Technical characteristics:

  • percentage ratio of oil and sikkativ — 97/3;
  • natural pleasant aroma;
  • speed of drying corresponds 3 degrees — no more than 24 hours at air temperature in 20-22 °C;
  • shade on a yodometrichesky scale — 200;
  • density — 0,93-0,95 g/m3;
  • sediment — no more than 0,3;
  • acid number — 5 (mg the GAME);
  • full transparency after upholding for 1 full days;
  • inclusion of phosphorus-containing elements — is no more than 0,015%.

Thinner: white spirit, turpentine

Cleaning of the tool: right after use of white spirit or turpentine

Preparation of a surface: Before processing by solution of any surface, clear it of all garbage and dust. It is better to grind wood materials.

Ways of drawing: a brush, the roller, by method of dispersion or by method of immersion of a surface or a product in oil at a temperature not below 8 °C. To put thinly and evenly.

Conditions when drawing: to put on dry, free from fat and dust of a surface

Precautionary measures: All works connected with production, test, application and storage of natural drying oil have to be carried out in the rooms supplied with a supply and exhaust ventilation, or which are well aired. During the work with natural drying oil the means of individual protection meeting the requirements of GOST 12.4.011-89 have to be applied.

Storage: To store reliably closed in not available to children cool, but without frost the place. In an unopened look at least 3 years

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Drying oil natural linen CAAH Color
Drying oil natural linen CAAH Color
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