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Technical characteristics
  • Brandэковата
  • Country of manufactureKazakhstan

What main advantages of ecocotton wool?

The excellent heat-insulating ability: coefficient of heat conductivity of L = 0.032... 0.041 W / м*K - at the level of the best grades of mineral-cotton heaters.
- Small air permeability: the ecocotton wool layer effectively slows down air movement, thanks to the small sizes of wood fibers. The heat transfer through a layer of a heater is minimized.
- Lack of seams and emptiness: ecocotton wool allows to make the continuous insulation layer that is impossible at traditional ways of warming by slabby or rolled materials. Quality of the received isolation very high.
- High sound-proof qualities: noise isolation index indicators, for example, on a partition from gypsum cardboard with an ecocotton wool 50 mm thick layer - dB Iv 63, while "sandwich" from gypsum cardboard and a minvata of 100 mm - only 37 dB.
- Moisture resistance: material is capable to accumulate and give natural moisture without loss of the isolating properties. Thanks to natural capillary structure in ecocotton wool moisture in the form of microdrops does not collect. Moving ahead on hollow capillaries of cellulose fibers, it comes to light, in the atmosphere. Condensation of water vapor in overlappings during the winter period does not happen - the device of a paroizolyatsionny layer is not required. Lack of need to stack vapor barrier saves means, simplifies a design and improves a microclimate in rooms.
- Environmental friendliness: only natural components, additives not flying are used. At the fire toxic gases are not emitted.
- Fire safety: and fire-prevention properties are reached thanks to existence in fire-retarding agent material. As a result ecocotton wool does not support fire and actively interferes with its distribution: the water concluded in fibers of cellulose and salts of boric acid, being released, extinguishes ecovatu and the design surrounding it.
- Bioproofness and longevity: thanks to contents drills and salts of boric acid, the layer of ecocotton wool protects materials from destruction by microorganisms, zashchishchayut from rotting and growth of fungi. In designs rodents and insects are not got, quality of the materials contacting to isolation remains. The Grantirovanny term of effective work of ecocotton wool (50-80 years) is almost equal to building service life.
- Simplicity of drawing isolation in hard-to-reach spots, and also designs with irregular shape of a surface, a possibility of performance of work on isolation not only at new construction, but also at reconstruction of buildings.

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Ecocotton wool
Ecocotton wool
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