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Ecotester of Greentest Eco 5

Ecotester of Greentest Eco 5

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandAnmez

Ecotester of Greentest Eco 5

The ecotester of Anmez Greentest Eco 5 – is even more than parameters of check of the environment

The Anmez company presented new model – an ecotester of Greentest Eco 5. It is evolutionary development of the previous Greentest Eco 4 model which combines both old, and new functions. At the same time appearance and the sizes of the device did not change.

Anmez Greentest Eco 5 performs all functions which his predecessor had. Namely – check of nitrates in vegetables, fruit and meat; check of a radioactive background both food, and people around of rooms.

But he is able to perform also new function – check of hardness of water. For this purpose the device is equipped now not with one, but two probes, nearby at small distance. The result of such test is displayed in the form of number and in addition words explain what water at you – soft or rigid.

The ecotester of Greentest Eco 5 is necessary to all people who worry about the health and want to be protected from:

nitrates in the used products which can cause food poisoning or serious diseases – diabetes, cancer of an intestinal path, a metgemoglobinemiya, Alzheimer's disease and so forth;

radiation in products and rooms which leads to immunity easing, early aging, cancer and anomalies;

low - quality water which use influences skin, cardiovascular system, causes diseases of joints, vessels, kidneys, etc.

The device will help you to define for several seconds whether it is possible to buy and eat a product or it is better to refrain from it.

List of available products Greentest Eco 5:

For convenience of check on nitrates all products in Greentest Eco 5 are divided into three groups: vegetables, fruit and meat.

In the list there are such vegetables as an eggplant, sweet potato, broccoli, vitalot, Guy Lang, bitter pumpkin, mushrooms, a winter melon, ginger, a vegetable marrow, cabbage, potatoes, corn, green onions, onion, a loofah, carrots, a cucumber, Pak Choi, the Beijing cabbage, tomato, a garden radish, a radish, a lettuce, beet, a celery, sweet pepper, an asparagus, asparagus salad, Taro, pumpkin, a cauliflower, garlic, Choi himself, the Shanghai cabbage, a yam.

At the list of fruit there are an apricot, avocado, pineapple, a water - melon, banana, grapes, a pear, a jackfruit, a melon, a carambola, a kiwi, strawberry, treat, a longan, mango, mangostin, a nectarine, a peach, pitaya, plum, a persimmon, citruses, sweet cherry, apple.

Thus all the list of the checked products in Greentest Eco 5 consists of 61 products. In memory of the device, as well as in others nitrate testers, not only threshold limit values of nitrates on each product, but also and the parameters influencing test accuracy – the vegetable density, a juice share, etc. are kept.

Greentest Eco 5 checks radiation:

For check of radiation, as well as other tests, it is necessary just to choose on the screen of the device the corresponding operating mode – "Radiation". After that at you on the display numerical value of radiation will be displayed at once. Besides the hint by the text and color of a background about what degree the measured radiation background will be displayed.

Thus the device checks a radiation background indoors in which you included it. If it is necessary to check food product, then it is for this purpose rather simple to bring to it the device and to include the Radiation mode.

Technical characteristics

Device type household

Radiation checks


hardness of water

Range of measurements of level of a radioactive background from 0 to 1000 μSv/h

The registered energy of gamma radiation from 0,1 MEV

Range of measurements of nitrates from 30 to 10000 mg/kg

Measurement time about 3 with

Error radiation: no more than 15

nitrates: from 5 to 22,5%

Range of measurement of hardness of water from 0 to 1000 ppm

The display is color liquid crystal, 240 x 320 pixels

Food built - in accumulator 1000 mach

Range of supply voltage is 5 V

Time of continuous work to 6 h

Sizes of 122 x 52 x 14 mm

Mass of 85 g

Working temperature from 0 to + 50

Manufacturing country of China

Complete set ecotester of Greentest Eco 5

USB cable



the instruction in Ukrainian


Guarantee of 12 months


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Ecotester of Greentest Eco 5
Ecotester of Greentest Eco 5
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