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Electrical impedance mammographs MEIK MEIK v.5.6 buy in Almaty
Buy Electrical impedance mammographs MEIK MEIK v.5.6
Electrical impedance mammographs MEIK MEIK v.5.6

Electrical impedance mammographs MEIK MEIK v.5.6

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Products: MEIK electrical impedance mammograph MEIK v.5.6

Apparatus for electrodiagnostics of breast diseases was developed and created in Russia, both for mass screening of women (of any age, including pregnant women) and for an in - depth study of the state of the mammary glands, buy the device from the manufacturer with a guarantee.


Main parameters and dimensions:

  • Overall dimensions of the mammograph - 220x190x100 mm
  • The mass of the mammograph in the kit is no more than 2.9 kg.


  • The measuring block consisting of the built - in microprocessor and a matrix (diameter of 12 cm) with contact measuring electrodes. The number of gold - plated electrodes is 256 pieces.
  • Patient communication cable with double contacts for self - adhesive gel electrodes.
  • Stand for the device, ensuring that the electrodes do not come into contact with other objects in the non - working state.
  • Software and database on CD
  • User manual on CD
  • Atlas of electrical impedance images on CD
  • Set of disinfectant wipes
  • Disposable gel electrodes

Electrical characteristics:

  • The power supply of the device is carried out through a standard USB port of a personal computer with direct current with a nominal voltage of 5 V.
  • The current consumed by the mammograph from the USB port is not more than 0.4 A.
  • The injected current for scanning is within 0.5 ± 10% , mA
  • Scanning current frequency 50±5% , kHz
  • The mammograph provides operability when the electrode - skin resistance changes in the range from 100 Ohm to 2 kOhm.
  • The mammograph provides a “bad contact” signaling when the electrode - skin transient resistance is 20 kOhm or more.
  • The electronic part of the device is powered by specialized DC - DC converters.
  • Operating characteristics
  • The mammograph provides continuous, within 8 hours, work in the long mode with constant loading.
  • Execution time of one scan cycle no more than 35 seconds
  • The time for performing image reconstruction is no more than 1 minute (depends on the characteristics of a personal computer).
  • Time to complete the examination in the screening mode - 3 - 5 minutes / patient
  • The time of the examination in the mode of stationary reception is 15 - 20 minutes / patient
  • The warranty period for electrical impedance computer mammograph "MEIK"® 5th version is 2 years from the date of sale.
  • Trouble - free operation of electronic components (manufacturer's warranty) - at least 5 years.


  • non - invasive imaging technology.

An electrical impedance mammograph uses external scanning to measure electromagnetic phenomena and their changes.

  • 3 - D tomography system

Since the propagation of electric current cannot be limited to a two - dimensional plane, the measured data reflects the change in electrical conductivity in three - dimensional space, providing a layered image of the object.

  • belongs to the category of soft - field (soft - field) tomography

Unlike computed X - ray tomography, magnetic resonance tomography, positron emission tomography, which belong to the category of hard - field tomography.

  • uses (non - local) non - localized EIT imaging technology

A feature of the technology for creating a tomographic image with non - localized properties is that all points on the scanned object affect the measurement result, the so - called cross measurement. The value of a pixel will depend on both the structure of the object and the structure of the surrounding tissues.

  • alternating current (50 kHz, 0.5 mA)

The flow of direct, i. e. unidirectional current through electrolytes, in particular through biological tissues, is accompanied by irreversible chemical reactions on the electrodes through which the object is connected to the external part of the electrical circuit, therefore, in medical diagnostics, only alternating electric current of a sufficiently high frequency is used (usually , above 1 kHz). The permissible current value is limited by its biological effect and increases with increasing frequency.

The characteristics of the electric current used in the mammograph are approved for use in medicine and are safe for the doctor and the patient and are significantly below the "threshold", i. e. , do not cause any pain or other sensations in humans.

  • 256 flat electrode panel

A planar set of electrodes is used. The electrodes in planar configuration are located in the same plane. In this configuration, the electrodes are mounted on a hand - held mammography platform.

The advantages of using a planar electrode configuration are as follows:

a. The electrodes are fixed on the board and the position of the electrodes is precisely known, so that the problem of positional error can be avoided.

b. The scanning panel is maneuverable and can be easily moved over the patient's body, so the technique can be designed for real - time use.

in. The resolution when using a planar configuration of the electrodes is higher than when using a circular configuration of the electrodes, since the minimum distance to the internal structures is provided.

  • cross data collection method

When conducting an electrical impedance study, a set of electrodes is placed on the surface of an object, some of which are used as inductors, and some as measuring electrodes. Usually, a current source is used as an inductor, and the potential differences between the measuring electrodes are measured. All measurements are carried out on the surface of the object under study. This is the so - called adjacent method, in which two electrodes located on the surface of the object are used as a source of weak alternating current that generates an electric field, and two other electrodes, also located on the surface of the object, are used as a recorder of changes in electric potential. All electrodes participate in the measurements in pairs.

  • back projection method as an image reconstruction algorithm

An algorithm of back projection along the equipotential surfaces of the electric field with a weight function in the horizontal and vertical directions is used to reconstruct a volumetric static frequency image. The image is reconstructed in layers that are parallel to the electrode panel. Initially, the back projection method was developed as an empirical method based on the straightness of the propagation of scanning radiation in the tissue (i. e. , the presence of "beams"). It was widely used in X - ray tomography, but was also transferred to the case of EIT, and instead of "beams", electric field strength lines were used here. There are no beams in electrical impedance mammography and the concept of "pseudo beams" has to be used. The possibility to introduce the concept of such a "pseudo - ray" is connected with the following fact: the change in surface potential differences (compared to the homogeneous case) caused by the presence of a local inhomogeneity in the object is mainly concentrated in the region, which is the projection of the inhomogeneity onto the surface of the object along the equipotential lines (or surfaces) of the field. Thus, the back projection method is transferred to the case if, instead of rays, the lines of force of the electric field strength calculated for the case of a uniform distribution of conductivity are used.

  • static image

The advantage of a mammograph is the ability to reconstruct absolute or static conductivity in the absence of the necessary reference data set. A static image consists in producing an image of the absolute distribution of the impedance in a body area, that is, as a result, an anatomical image of the scanned area is formed. Electrical impedance mammography seeks to obtain an image of an object closely related to its internal structure.

  • quantitative diagnostic information

The fundamental difference between electrical impedance scanning and other tomographic methods is that, in addition to visual image evaluation, electrical impedance mammography provides quantitative information. Quantitative information allows you to determine the structure of the mammary gland, identify areas with abnormal electrical conductivity, form a risk group for the development of breast cancer, etc.



  • Upgrading old device versions

SIM - Tekhnika upgrades old versions of MEIK electrical impedance mammographs to modern versions.

  • Warranty and post - warranty repair

Warranty repairs are free of charge (if the factory seal is preserved).

  • Medical advice

Specialists of the company "SIM - technique" provide services in consulting complex clinical cases. Also, on the basis of the educational and methodological center of the PKF "SIM - tekhnika", training is conducted on working with the electrical impedance mammograph "MEIK".

  • Presentations and master classes

Specialists of SIM - Technica are ready to take part in exhibitions, presentations and master classes held by our partners both in Russia and abroad.

Mammography (from Latin mamma "mammary gland" + Greek γραμμα "record") is a branch of medical diagnostics that deals with non - invasive examination of the breast, mainly female.



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Electrical impedance mammographs MEIK MEIK v.5.6
Electrical impedance mammographs MEIK MEIK v.5.6
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