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Electrocardiograph 3/6 channel KMP-S600

Electrocardiograph 3/6 channel KMP-S600

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The electrocardiograph 3/6 channel KMP-S600 represents the six-channel electrocardiograph which is at the same time accepting an ECG signals from 12 assignments and unpacking the ECG wave forms on a thermal printer. 


  • Record and display of the ECG wave forms in the automatic/manual mode
  • Automatic measurement and automatic diagnostics of parameters of the ECG wave forms
  • Messages hints on striking off of assignments and lack of paper
  • Choice of language of the menu (English, Russian, Kazakh), management of the database
  • Color TFT display 800*480, high resolution, width of the press 832
  • ECG six-channel wave form.
  • Convenient management by means of the keyboard and the touch display.
  • The thermosensitive printer with high resolution and the thermal matrix (8 points/mm) which is not demanding setup, the amplitude-frequency characteristic to 150 Hz.
  • The TFT screen shows a working condition

Advantages of the electrocardiograph:

  • The device can write down and receive in real time the ECG wave forms on six channels and is continuous them analyze.
  • The analysis includes: assignment sign, sensitivity, paper speed, filter type, etc.
  • Completely digital filter of protection against drift of the basic line, the filter of alternating current and the filter against hindrances.
  • Automatically adjusts the basic line, optimizes print settings, chooses assignment.
  • Management by means of the functional keyboard and the touch display is convenient for work. Treat the power supply direct and alternating current.
  • The device is equipped with the built-in lithium recharged battery, an automatic chain of protection, is automatically switched-off after 5 minutes of idle time.
  • The device can write down 150 ECG wave forms and print 90 minutes without interruption in a diet from a network of a direct current.
  • The device can keep more than 1000 these patients that is convenient for their viewing and statistics. Management by means of one key, printout and preservation also by means of one key.
  • Choice of an ECG of a signal from twelve assignments at the same time, analysis 2+1 (assignment of a rhythm), 2/3/3+1 (assignment of a rhythm), 4/4+1 (assignment of a rhythm), 6/6+1 (assignment of a rhythm), simultaneous record of a set of formats.
  • The set of the modes for viewing in real time of the curve received from three assignments, six assignments or twelve assignments is displayed falling away of assignments and lack of paper, the ECG parameters is checked, the report is analyzed, the curve is registered in the automatic or manual mode, information on the patient is saved in the database.

Technical characteristics:

Display Display of 7 inches, permission 800*480, touch and piano-key control
Dimensions 315kh215kh92mm
Weight weight 1.7kg
Registration speed Automatic recording: 25 mm / with, 50 mm / with, an error of ±5%
Record of curves: 25 mm / with, 50 mm / with, an error of ±5%
Manual record: 5 mm / with, 6.25 mm / with, 10 mm / with, 12.5 mm / with, 25 mm / with, 50 mm / with, an error of ±5%
System of the press Thermal printer of high resolution (8 points/mm)
The description of paper for registration: The size of paper is 110 mm Sh) ×20м (D) the High-speed thermal paper
Channels of registration 3/6 channel
Assignments of an ECG 12 Art. of assignments: I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF, V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, V6
Registration Automatic and manual mode
Interface USB portdlya connections to the external equipment
Indication Availability of paper, condition of the battery, control of contact of electrodes
Autoswitching off 1min/3min/5min/10min/15min/30min/60min
Demonstration mode This option starts system in the DEMO or in ispytat-ohm the mode.
Food of AC AC 100 ~ 240 V, 50/60 Hz           
Battery DC: 7.4V, 3700 mach, 90 minutes without interruption can print the recharged lithium batteries, the Device and work 4 hours without printout after a full charge of the battery.
Safety lock 2 pieces, Ø 5 x 20 mm delay of the lane of current: T1.6A/250B (power supply of 220 V).
Data storage Data storage to 1000 patients of the built-in memory and over 1000 patients with pass SD a memory card
Data entry ID, age, name of the patient, etc.
Versions of languages English, Russian, Kazakh
Sensitivity 5, 10, 20mm/mV, погрешность:±5 Standard sensitivity is equal to % 10mm/mV ±0.2мм/мВ
Frequency characteristic 150 Hz ~ 0.05gts (-3 dB)
Constant tension of polarization ±300 mV.
Heart rate ChSS, interval of state of emergency, pulse duration
Protection protection against a vozdeystviyadefibrillyation
Digital filter 35 Hz (-3 dB)
Calibration of 1 mV 1 mV
А/D transformation 12 bits
CMRR extinction coefficient of a cophased signal > 60 dB,> 100 dB (To add the filter)
Entrance resistance ≥ 50 megohms
The leak current on the earth passing through the patient <10 mk
Safety the class I, the CF type, is available a protection chain at a defibrillation and cardiostimulation.
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Electrocardiograph 3/6 channel KMP-S600
Electrocardiograph 3/6 channel KMP-S600
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