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Electronic otpugivatel of rodents, Elektrok

Electronic otpugivatel of rodents, Elektrok

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Technical characteristics
  • Principle of operationUltrasonic
ЭлектроКот" - the electronic otpugivatel of rodents, is intended for scaring away of rodents (rats, mice, etc.) by means of impact on them by acoustic vibrations of various frequency. It can be used in household and office rooms, and also in storages of grain and other rooms for storage of products or goods an otpugivatel of rodents of products: warehouses, holds of the ships, trade enterprises.

Principle of work

In this device the generator of continuously changing sound and ultrasonic frequencies is used. For strengthening of impact on rodents, except an acoustic signal in this otpugivatel also lighting effect is used. Similar influence adversely affects rodents, deprives of them a possibility of interaction with tribespeople, will paralyze physiological activity. "ЭлектроКот" it is capable to cause in rodents feeling of alarm, a fright, fear and forces to leave the territory of continuous dwelling. At observance of the requirements stipulated in the instruction, the electronic otpugivatel of rodents of "Elektrokot" is safe for people and pets (Except for hamsters and guinea pigs - their stay in an area of coverage of the device is undesirable).

Method of application

For connection of "Elektrokot" to an electric network the power supply unit is used. It is possible to use any other sources of a direct current of 12 V and with a current not less than 0,15A (for example, the automobile accumulator). At connection of "Elektrokot" by means of the enclosed plug with a wire it must be kept in mind that a red wire "+", black "-". Connect the device to a network indoors where the congestion of rodents is observed. The design of "Elektrokot" provides two operating modes: "Day" and "Night". These modes join a key on the case of an otpugivatel of rodents "Elektrokot". In the mode "Day" (the provision of the 0 key) "Elektrokot" radiates acoustic vibrations only in the ultrasonic range. It is better to use this mode when in an area of coverage of the device there are people. The ultrasound is not perceived by a human ear and therefore does not cause in people of feeling of discomfort. And rodents hear it very well. In the Night mode (the provision of the 1 key) "Elektrokot" radiates acoustic vibrations in the ultrasonic and sound range. This mode influences rodents, especially rats more effectively, but it is better to use it when in an area of coverage of the device there are no people. Because long stay in the room with the working generator in this mode can cause feeling of discomfort in the person. Both modes are followed by a faltering luminescence of a superbright light-emitting diode. This light-emitting diode in complete darkness the light flashes also influences mentality of rodents. Complex influence of a sound and light is very effective.

Technical characteristics:
- Area of action, sq.m. 100;
- Radius of action, m - 10;
- Power supply from the alternating current main 220B;
- Sizes, mm. 125х65х40;
- Weight, gr. 110.
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Electronic otpugivatel of rodents, Elektrok
Electronic otpugivatel of rodents, Elektrok
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