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Technical characteristics
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Press filters

Filters presses - the universal filtering equipment for a filtration under excessive pressure. The filter-press equipment can be used in many industries where division of firm and liquid phases is required. Application of a filter press allows not only to filter suspension, but also to wring out, wash out and dry a deposit, without resorting to use of the additional equipment. It significantly reduces capital investments and the areas for placement of the equipment. Filter presses found broad application in chemical, metallurgical, mountain, food and other industries.

ENVITES filters presses

The size of a press is characterized by quantity of filtering plates and length of their side which defines a press format. The Envites firm makes and delivers the press with sizes of plates from 400 x 400 mm to 1500 x 2000 mm.

Main parts of a filter press:

1. Filter press frame;
2. Coupling screw of a frame;
3. Filtering plate;
4. Filtering napkin;
5. Hydraulic pump;
6. Hydraulic cylinder;
7. Filter press support;
8. Supply of suspension for dehydration;
9. Filtrate exit;
10. Drain;
11. The trench for collecting a filtrate;
12. A flange for withdrawal of a filtrate;
13. Loops for transportation.

The frame forms the bearing design for all filter. On it filtering plates are suspended and it serves as a basic element at impact on it of big power loading during a running cycle. Filtering plates create a working zone of a filter press - system of the closed filtering chambers. The edge of a plate is thicker, than its profound part and thus, is created a surface of contact with the next plate. The filtering chamber is formed by two next plates, thickness of a chamber is defined by the sum of their deepenings. Filtering plates are covered with filtering napkins. The drained suspension moves through the bringing opening which passes through all plates and napkins. Under pressure the pulp evenly fills all chambers, the filtrate passes through napkins and is taken away on the channels drilled in plates. During all filtration the package of plates is densely squeezed by means of the hydraulic unit. It protects from leak of suspension from filtering chambers even with a high pressure of a filtration.

At the request of the customer or, from the point of view of technology filter presses can be equipped with a number of the additional equipment and accessories.

Complete with delivery of our equipment we guarantee transfer of working documentation, training of the serving and service personnel, guarantee and post warranty service and technical assistance.

Way of withdrawal of a filtrate Sizes of plates Volume of chambers
filter press
Filtration surface Thickness of filtering
- Open;
- Closed;
From 400х400 mm;
To 1500х2000 mm;
Usually ranging from 20 dm ³ to 9000 dm ³ Usually ranging from 1,8 m ² to 650 m ² Usually 10-50 mm;

Hydraulic system Distribution (delay) of plates
- With the one-pass or double-thread hydraulic cylinder;
- Closing - the manual hydraulic drive or the automatic electrohydraulic unit;
- Manual;
- Automatic (separately on one plate, at once several plates, all plates together);

Models of filter presses

Size of plates, mm Chamber execution Membrane execution * Volume, dm ³ * Filtrovalnaya Square, m ²
400х400 K400 - 20-130 2-12
470х470 K470 KM470 35-190 3-18
630х630 K630 KM630 110-430 10-40
800х800 K800 KM800 220-1100 20-110
1000х1000 K1000 KM1000 500-2300 50-210
1200х1200 K1200 KM1200 740-3200 70-300
1500х1500 K1500 KM1500 1300-6000 120-520
1500х2000 K1520 KM1520 2000-7700 190-600
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ENVITES filters presses
ENVITES filters presses
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