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Epoxy zatirka of "Kerapoxy" #100 of WHITE 2 kg pr-in Italy buy in Almaty
Buy Epoxy zatirka of "Kerapoxy" #100 of WHITE 2 kg pr-in Italy
Epoxy zatirka of "Kerapoxy" #100 of WHITE 2 kg pr-in Italy

Epoxy zatirka of "Kerapoxy" #100 of WHITE 2 kg pr-in Italy

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandMapei
  • Country of manufactureItaly

Two-component acidproof two-component epoxy zatirka for filling of seams of facing with width the 3-10th

Epoxy zatirka of "Kerapoxy"

"Kerapoxy" is the two-component epoxy structure steady against influence of acids which is applied to a zatirka of seams and laying of a tile of all types.

Scope of "Kerapoxy":

"Kerapoxy" is a product on the basis of epoxy, the prepared silicate sand and special components. "Kerapoks" possesses excellent resistance to influence of aggressive substances. "Kerapoxy" corresponds to the class RG, according to classification of EN 13888 – jet structure for filling of intertiled seams.

Characteristics of "Kerapoxy":

At observance of technology of application the structure is distinguished by the following properties:

· convenience and usability on the horizontal, and also vertical bases;
· surplus of "Kerapoxy", when drawing, is removed usual water;
· rather smooth surface of the hardened material;
· low water absorption, and respectively ease of cleaning;
· fast set of durability;
· high resistance to attrition;
· total absence of shrinkage;
· uniformity of color of a seam;
· resistance to an ultraviolet;
· very high adhesion to the basis and a tile.

Scope of "Kerapoxy":

· Acidproof overwrite of intertiled seams from 3 to 10 mm wide, when laying facing of all types inside and outside;
· Quick-hardening acidproof jet Kerapoxy glue is suitable for gluing of all types and types of a tile, a natural stone, and also asbotsementny, glass, reinforced concrete and other building materials.


Not to apply "Kerapoxy" for:

• fillings of deformation seams, and also connections with high temperature (use "Mapesil EXPERT" ).
• zatirka of seams of the facing consisting of terracotta tiles.

Reliable coupling of Kerapoxy glue with a tile in seams is possible provided that they are seams dry and are not soiled with dirt and the remains of cement mortars, and also dust, oils, greasing, etc.
At a zatirka of the facing consisting of unglazed materials it is recommended to use beige "Kerapoxy", tsvetamozhno quietly to use the others, at a facing zatirka from glazed tiles. At a facing zatirka from porcelain tiles of contrast colors (for example, black color white tiles) it is recommended to check a tile for cleaning of the remains of "Kerapoxy" on an imperceptible site.

Precaution measures:

Components "A" and "B" of structure "Kerapoxy" irritate eyes and skin. Avoid hit of these products on skin! Always work in protective rubber gloves. At addition of a component "B", and also when hashing structure use goggles. In case of contact of "Kerapoxy" with skin, carefully wash up hands with soap. At increase of sensitivity of skin, immediately see a doctor. At hit in eyes carefully wash out them and immediately see a doctor. Protect material far away from children!

It is possible to look at full information and technology of application "Kerapoxy" in the enclosed specification.

Expense of "Kerapoxy" – 0,4-6,5 kg/sq.m., depending on a method of application

Period of storage – 12 months in an original original packing at a temperature from +5 °C.

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Epoxy zatirka of "Kerapoxy" #100 of WHITE 2 kg pr-in Italy
Epoxy zatirka of "Kerapoxy" #100 of WHITE 2 kg pr-in Italy
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