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Equipment for production of ketchup

Equipment for production of ketchup

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Equipment for production of ketchup

Usually production of ketchup is attached to the end of a season of production of tomato paste. Less often the product is made from fresh tomatoes.
The concentrate of hot break 30/32 °Brix is pumped over from tanks or aseptic bags with a capacity of 200 l in the first mixing capacity.

Drinking water in the quantity necessary for obtaining concentration of about 15/16 °Brix while the quantity of a tomato concentrate is measured by means of mesdoz, placed under a platform on which aseptic bags are put is usually added to it.

In other tank sweet syrup prepares. Icing sugar pours out in this tank by means of the screw, previously warmed up water controlled by the magnetic measuring instrument is added there. Water and sugar mix up before obtaining concentration of 50/55 °Brix, and the syrup received thus is pumped over by means of the centrifugal pump in the tank after its cleaning by means of the filter of possible impurity.

In other two separate capacities starch and salt prepare. Also tanks for drinking water and vinegar are provided. Then all these ingredients in the quantity corresponding to the recipe go to the mixer heater where minerals, such as spices, lemon acid and others are manually weighed and added.

Through certain time of cooking and mixing the product is unloaded in the thermoisolated tank equipped with the slow mixer.

After that ketchup is pumped over by means of a homogenizer in the " heat exchanger a pipe - in - a pipe" for pasteurization at a temperature of 99/104 °C.

Further the product is deculated in the vacuum deaerator and leaves at a temperature about 88/90 °C, ready for hot pouring in glass or plastic capacities.

In case capacity is not intended for hot filling, then after deaeration the product is cooled up to the temperature of 32/37 °C by means of the aseptic " heat exchanger a pipe - in - a pipe" and then is pumped over in "a sterile chamber" for pouring in the corresponding container.

Titania or molybdenum as ketchup possesses high corrosion properties is recommended to manufacture all heat exchangers of stainless steel with high content.

There are various recipes of production of ketchup and the Fenco company can develop lines "to order" in a consent with requirements of the market or customers.


Usually for ketchup use plastic or glass bottles.

In case of plastic packing it is better to use multilayered polyair / polypropylene which, despite higher prime cost, allows to carry out filling at a temperature of 95 °C and provides the best protection against oxidation at the expense of more effective oxygen barrier.

Filling is carried out by means of special volume fillers, supplied with system of recirculation for maintenance of necessary temperature of a product.

After a blockage of a bottle are located in a tunnel pasteurizer where it is recommended to stand them at a temperature of 80-85 °C within 7/8 minutes, and then to cool up to 45 °C, to dry partially under a current of air and to paste labels. The bottles prepared thus are subject to final packing in a cardboard or a thermoshrinkable film.
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Equipment for production of ketchup
Equipment for production of ketchup
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