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Equipment of renewable energy resources

Equipment of renewable energy resources

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The system of lighting is very simple. It is completed with all components necessary for installation (except columns). The system is simple in installation. The microprocessor is automatically activated on a decline and dawn, the built-in timer regulates lighting duration, also regulates battery charge level. The system can work within 3 days without sunlight.
Effective LED street lighting
Our company also offers effective LED street lighting and sources of publicizing of long use. For lighting light-emitting diodes require 1/10 from the power of the heated paw. Four packings allow you to choose the most convenient for you lighting option. There are 100 and 200 diode lamps that is equivalent to 100 and 200 wadded lamps.
Power-intensive module
The module is equipped with solar photo cells and an industrial design with a rough glass surface in an aluminum framework. Plus, the guaranteed output power will provide energy productivity for long time. LED lighting can be completed with one or two panels depending on its application.
Monitor solar energy
The device prevents the return current and has 5 summer warranty. The device has 10 various options. For example, the device can ensure functioning of system after the order within 2 or three hours, then join for an hour till the dawn, work in twilight time till the dawn.
Lead-acid batteries do not demand maintenance, are protected from course, and has long service life. Batteries are in the blocked boxes at the column basis.
Advantages: installation - does not demand laying of a cable the checked technology does not demand presence of municipal services, all parts are steady against corrosion the low cost of installation the possibility of installation in any place does not demand an unearthing of the earth, asphalt, the sidewalk does not demand maintenance does not demand maintenance of batteries service life of components of 25 years
Solar batteries of the characteristic and types
The industry lets out several types of solar batteries, we will consider the most used types. Thin-film batteries are the cheapest, work at scattered sunlight. Are established on walls of buildings and rooms, in them for generation of the electric power high-voltage controllers and inverters are used. It is necessary to refer use of the big areas, low efficiency to minuses of this look - about 10%. Single-crystal batteries, most often it is possible to see them on roofs of country houses, the industrial enterprises, it is the most popular type of solar batteries. The efficiency of these batteries is two-two and a half times higher, than at thin-film, about 20-25%. Polycrystalline batteries are used also as well as single-crystal, efficiency at them slightly lower and does not exceed 20%, but also cost is, usually, lower than them than at single-crystal solar batteries.
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Equipment of renewable energy resources
Equipment of renewable energy resources
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