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Extermination of fleas

Extermination of fleas

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Fleas - the wingless parasitizing blood-sicking insects, carriers of various diseases (among them there is a plague bacillus, salmonellosis, hepatitises B and C, sypny typhus, a tulyaremiya and others). These insects not only are dangerous, but also are very annoying. They are capable to cause strong discomfort and to discompose anyone. Today more than 2000 species of these not palatable animals are known. And the question "How Will Get Rid of Fleas?" became already, to the greatest regret, quite ordinary and even, in some way, habitual.

Extermination of fleas in the apartment is business hard as the female scatters eggs randomly that is where will want. Most often they live in hair of animals - cats, dogs, hamsters. However, can be hammered also into upholstered furniture. They, fortunately, cannot live on a body of the person. Nevertheless, the risk to be bitten by a flea nevertheless exists. Therefore we recommend to you to address experts immediately.

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Extermination of fleas
Extermination of fleas
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