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  • BrandМИКС-color
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Clothes and footwear with the minimum percent of wear, almost new. Enters this category, generally casual clothes, the basis is made by inexpensive European brands. This category generally consists of clothes without labels.

The jacket is a universal element of clothes which is successfully combined with dresses, skirts, trousers and jeans. Women of fashion can walk in cool weather down the street and at the same time allow brag of dresses – modern warm things it! The main thing to choose suitable option – then the image will harmoniously look. Therefore to look stylishly in the forthcoming season, it is worth paying attention to trend models.

The leading style – under the 70th Bright color schemes (for example, violet-black or red-brown combinations), a soft high collar – sending by the old, but not forgotten times. The present manner to put on as if descended from pages of magazines of the end of the 70th and began the 80th.


Dimensionless knitted sweaters and jumpers in 2016 and at the beginning of 2017 will appear at popularity peak. Knitted products will a little be extended, and for the rest there are no changes. Volume jackets – faithful assistants when modeling a figure. They are capable to allocate advantages and to disguise any shortcomings. The only thing that is required from women – correctly to observe proportions.

Multiple layers

The free silhouette does not limit the movement and does possible a combination of various same clothes. Multilayered combinations – not only aspiration to self-expression, but also remarkable additional warming.


Unusual things of a non-standard cut perfectly sit on ladies of all types. Uneven edges and draperies allow to experiment with a silhouette, "playing" visual illusions: to do hips is more magnificent, a waist – already and even to hide them. Such effect looks quite excentricly. For example, existence of one too long sleeve at shortage of the second or too rounded off line of a section – the courageous decision for risky natures.

Big loops

Sweaters and jackets of large knitting will find recognition in a cold season. Especially it concerns volume products from natural wool. The style will not matter – hit will be also long sleeves, and in three quarters, both a high mouth, and open shoulders. Shades are allowed the most different too.


It is considered heritage of an era of hippie which fashionable tendencies fight "the way to the top" again. Knitted products 2016 are decorated with separate inserts of this material on cuffs, about a mouth, along a hem. The contrast color mosaic will not remain unnoticed.


The jackets issued in such style are at popularity peak already which a season. They look is extremely practical: several rows of big buttons, big shoulders, nonspottable fabric. Besides camouflage, marsh, dark blue and khaki prints, deliberately bright shades are used.


Raznoformatny blocks were succeeded by clear split of sweaters into two identical or disproportionate parts. As a rule, lower has something in common with trousers, a skirt, a handbag, and top it is absolutely far from maintenance of a harmony or a little tone beats the next to it.


Style of the French madcap in this season will be in a trend. Extraordinary, unexpected images are inherent in it. For example, the dense jacket, knitted spokes, is combined with gym shoes and a miniskirt. One more option: golfs, chiffon scarf and long sleeves. All this "is seasoned" with a fair share of horizontal strips.


The original drawings interwoven into the general pattern – here that always fashionably at extraordinary and courageous ladies. The next season will please: abstraction; floristic and animalistic motives; geometrical images; brilliant prints; east and Scandinavian ornaments. Bright combinations of multi-colored strips and small squares – involuntary sending to "children of flowers" is from the 70th. Such colourful mosaic is incredibly charming in the accurate forms.


If earlier they were peculiar mostly to youth clothes, then in 2016 and at the beginning of 2017 will appear on knitted sweaters for any age. Here the attached pieces of fabric and beads belong. Such decorative elements look brightly, contrastly, act over the general outline.

Creative disorder

Jackets become true art objects. What only on them is not present! Fashion designers decided to provide these clothes with the sewed figures of animals, plants and birds. Thus the fine arts give the chance to express to the person the individualism, practically for this purpose without having made anything – having only put on a new non-standard dress. Emphasis on shoulders

Sweater – not necessarily rough and practical winter attribute. Thin knitted models with graceful registration which not so much protect from winds how many decorate come to fashion. Reception of the maximum allocation of the line of shoulders is widely used. It allows to narrow top of the case and to harmonize a figure.


V-shaped cut

Decollete "letter V" popularly at all times. It will be combined with sleeves of the shortened form. Such decision will suit everyone, similar cut is incredibly easy to use and womanly.


Official style of the Sweater

Sustained in strict office design, differ in achromatic scale and accurate structure. Are suitable not only for use in a working situation, but also for walk or carrying the house.


Relief ornament

Knitted shishechka, plaits and braids in 2016 and at the beginning of 2017 will be successfully combined with incredibly volume high collars. Such image will be added with a skirt pencil or the direct made narrower trousers.



The forthcoming season long sleeves will allow to freeze to nobody. They will become so volume that hands in them will simply be lost. It is very cozy and soft if to lower a convenience question.



One more fashionable novelty – the woolen jackets equipped at the edges of or at a mouth with a fringing the dangling brushes. As a rule, the similar clothes have a direct cut.



Distinguished knitted things with flounces and ruches for certain will please fans of retrostyle. They look efficiently, however numerous shades give them additional vivacity and attractiveness.


 Trend colors the Cold season is pretty generous on bright accents and rich colors. In fashion the palette drawing attention which includes: solar-yellow; orange-orange; saturated blue; lime and dark green. But also the quiet scale did not remain out of sight. In total tone from light-to dark-pastel will be considered. Lovers of reserved minimalism and strict classics, undoubtedly, shades gray will please, black and white, and also achromatic colors. Not smaller popularity will be gained by a sweater from unpainted camel wool. Large knitting, rough material, loose fit give as a result slightly slovenly impudent effect. Such image can be added with a white bottom and dark footwear.


Jackets and sweaters, whatever one may do, not the most graceful clothes. But if to add them with harmonious jewelry, it is possible to receive quite elegant image. For example, rather narrow corbel – to match with clothes or, on the contrary, contrast will be ideally suited. He will favourably emphasize area of a waist, and the figure will cease "to sink" in the volume invoice.

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