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Fabric heat-insulating, Spanlay

Fabric heat-insulating, Spanlay

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Spanlayt And, Spanlayt of AM, Spanlayt In, Spanlayt of AR, Spanlayt of AR, Spanlayt of D, Spanlayt of FS.

It is used for isolation of a roof, walls and facades

At construction of the house we seek to create in is mute comfortable conditions of accommodation. One of the most important conditions of it is the choice of construction materials which will allow to provide heat and a cosiness of your house. The ideal balance "the PRICE - QUALITY" is represented by construction gidro-paroizolyatsionny films and wind-shelter membranes of a trademark of Spanlayt.

One of the main tasks at construction - protection of a heater and internal designs of the house both against external moisture, and from internal - steam and condensate. The roof or an external covering of walls cannot cope completely with this task - drops of water and snow can get under them at low-quality installation, strong wind and slanting heavy rain, also the moisture which is contained in premises air gets into a heater. Increase of humidity of a heater reduces its heat-insulating properties by 5% twice! In order that to avoid it, and apply films of Spanlayt.

The range of films of Spanlayt includes waterproofing films, paroizolyatsionny films - with different properties and characteristics, assumes their effective use, both at low, and at capital construction.

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Fabric heat-insulating, Spanlay
Fabric heat-insulating, Spanlay
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