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Fan centrifugal BEHTC VTsUN 200х93-0,55-4 buy in Almaty
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Fan centrifugal BEHTC VTsUN 200х93-0,55-4

Fan centrifugal BEHTC VTsUN 200х93-0,55-4

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  • BrandАЛМЭКС
  • Country of manufactureChina

Fan centrifugal BEHTC VTsUN 200х93-0,55-4

Centrifugal fans of unilateral absorption in the spiral rotary case with the krylchatka established on an axis of the serial three-phase asynchronous engine. Productivity - to 19 000 m3/h. Are intended for forced-air and exhaust systems of ventilation.

Forced-air and exhaust systems of ventilation of rooms of different function. Fans can be used as the completing elements to ventilating installations and installations of air conditioning. External installation is allowed.


The case of the fan is manufactured of steel with a polymeric covering. The VTsUN fan can be executed as with the direction of rotation of the driving wheel to the right, and to the left. In each of options there are several provisions of the case that does possible accession to an air duct at any angle with a step in 45 °.


At production of fans polar three-phase asynchronous engines on which axis the driving wheel with forward the bent shovels manufactured of galvanized steel is installed are used 2kh-, 4kh-, 6ti-or the 8th. Application in engines of rolling bearings provides the big term of operation. For achievement of exact characteristics, low noise level and safe operation of the fan each turbine at assembly passes dynamic balancing. The engine in the fan has a class of protection of IP 54.

Adjustment of speed

Adjustment of speed of the fan can be carried out by means of the autotransformer or frequency regulator. Several fans provided that the general power and working current will not exceed nominal parameters of the regulator can be connected to one control device at once.


Can be established as in air-ventilation chambers and installations for conditioning, and separately. In the latter case - it can be connected to air ducts as two branch pipes (exhaust and soaking up), and one exhaust. The exhaust and soaking-up branch pipes have rectangular and round section respectively. Giving of food is carried out via external plugs.

BEHTC VTsUN 140*74-0,37-2 PR centrifugal (proiz. 710 m3/h), 0,37 kW 600 Pas 34 020,00 KZT
BEHTC VTsUN 140*74-0,55-2 (proizv.m3 870) 37 800,00 KZT
BEHTC VTsUN 160*74-0,55-4 PR right center. (proiz.750m3/h, 0,55kvt 200 Pas 42 225,00 KZT
BEHTC VTsUN 160*74-0,75-2 center. (proiz.1540m3/h, 0,75 kW 800 Pas 42 980,00 KZT
BEHTC VTsUN 180*74-1,1-2 PR (proizv. m3/h 1950) 1,1kvt 1000 Pas 45 740,00 KZT
BEHTC VTsUN 200*93-0,55-4 proizv 1615m3/h 0,55kvt 350 Pas 47 630,00 KZT
BEHTC VTsUN 200*93-0,75-4 (proizv. m3 of 1500)
BEHTC VTsUN 200*93-1,1-2 PR (proizv. m3/h 2270) 48 840,00 KZT
BEHTC VTsUN 225*103-2,2-2 PR (proizv. m3/h 3350) 2,2kvt 750 Pas 65 700,00 KZT
BEHTC VTsUN 250*127-2,2-4 (proiz.3720 m3/h) 2,2 kW 550 Pas 87 020,00 KZT
BEHTC VTsUN 280*127-2,2-4 (proizv 4395 m3/h) 2,2 kW 700 Pas 94 690,00 KZT
BEHTC VTsUN 315*143-2,2-6 PR (proizv 4375 m3/h) 2,2kvt Pa 400 122 740,00 KZT
BEHTC VTsUN 355*143-4,0-4 PR (proizv 8150 m3/h) 4,0 kW 1200 Pas 118 730,00 KZT
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Fan centrifugal BEHTC VTsUN 200х93-0,55-4
Fan centrifugal BEHTC VTsUN 200х93-0,55-4
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