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Fiberglass fittings in Almaty

Fiberglass fittings in Almaty

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Composite d=6 fittings

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Fiberglass (composite) fittings

The fiberglass fittings (composite fittings) are a construction material at the heart of which the nonmetallic fibers connected by composite structure are used.

As a rule, in process of manufacture of composite fittings the following materials are used: bazaltovolokno, fiber glass, carbon fiber and others. And, fibers can be applied not only independently, but also it is successful to be combined with each other. For today the most widespread types of fiberglass fittings are designs on the basis of fiber glass and fittings from a bazaltovolokn. These materials gave names for fittings: "bazaltoplastikovy fittings" and "fiberglass fittings". If to consider their distinctive characteristics, then it is possible to tell that the first surpasses the second in some parameters, but she also is much dearer that in itself is a powerful limiting factor for growth of popularity on bazaltoplastikovy fittings. Because of an economic component of any production the fiberglass fittings gained the greatest distribution in the world today.

The physical body of composite fittings consists of two parts:

1. Main trunk. Provides design durability, consists, as a rule, of the parallel fibers connected among themselves by a fiberglass component on the basis of polyester, composite pitches;

2. External layer. Provides reliable coupling of fittings and concrete, in most cases is the fiber wound around a trunk on a spiral. This layer can have and another, extended for different producers, variations: for example, bidirectional navivka of fibers, sandy dusting. In general there is a huge number of variations of model of a physical body of fittings which is limited only to the imagination of the developer and economic feasibility of an innovation. So one of producers offers model where the main trunk is the braid fastened with a composite from balzo-and carbon fibers, an external layer - a bidirectional navivka bazaltovolokon, and the last are previously braided in a braid too. This model differs from traditional fittings from a bunch of parallel fibers in considerably big relative lengthening.

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Fiberglass fittings in Almaty
Fiberglass fittings in Almaty
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