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Fiberglass fittings of 10 buy in Almaty
Buy Fiberglass fittings of 10
Fiberglass fittings of 10

Fiberglass fittings of 10

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandPlast Invest Production
  • MaterialFiberglass plastic

It represents the high-strength monolithic core created from continuous glass fibers (roving) with a diameter of 10 - 15 microns and thermoreactive synthetic pitch binding these fibers.
The composite fittings from ASK fiber glass are made with a section from 4 to 18 mm. According to the application the nonmetallic fittings can be manufactured also bigger diameter. Depending on the plan of construction works and convenience of delivery to object it is possible to buy the ASK fiberglass fittings as pieces of any length (standard length of 6 or 12 m), and in bays (to Ø 10 mm. inclusive) on 100 m (standardly) or other metric area according to the application.

Production of composite fiberglass fittings is conducted with use of high technologies, and meets all modern quality standards. The fiberglass fittings are manufactured in the form of fiberglass cores with an outer diameter from 4 to 20 mm with evenly distributed spiral relief. Any construction length. It is necessary to distinguish the fiberglass fittings which are characterized by impressive amount of positive properties from a variety of the construction composite materials applied at construction of buildings and constructions, and also carrying out various repair work.

Popularity of composite fittings from fibreglass is explained by a number of the following reasons:

- high resistance to corrosion processes;

- long service life;

- excellent shipping of differences of temperatures, including exclusive frost resistance.

- the fittings plastic do not install electrical equipment and are not magnetized

- it should be noted also ease of composite fittings from fibreglass that guarantees creation of easy and strong building constructions, the providing considerable benefit at construction in view of economy of the expenses directed to transportation, loading and unloading, warehousing and storage.

- Advantages

- • Low heat conductivity, is not the cold bridge.

- • High corrosion and chemical resistance.

- • Low density, is 3,5 times easier and 2,5 times stronger metal with an equal diameter.

- • Installation Udobnost.

- • Economic feasibility.

- 3 times stronger

- Tensile strength is 3 times higher than strength characteristics of steel fittings of the class AIII.

- 9 times easier

- Composite fittings easier metal by 9 times at full-strength replacement that gives considerable reduction of labor costs when carrying out reinforced concrete works.

- Korrozioustoychivost

- The fittings are not exposed to corrosion influence in the majority of hostile environment.

- Dielectric

- The fittings are diamagnetic and have dielectric properties that allows to use it in such buildings and constructions as hospitals, the airports, radar stations.

- More economically

- Economic effect is reached due to use of composite fittings of smaller diameters in comparison with metal fittings, and also for the account economy on logistics.

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Fiberglass fittings of 10
Fiberglass fittings of 10
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