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Fight against ants

Fight against ants

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Dezostantion provides to Niels LLP services in disinsection of ants in the city of Almaty. You can obtain consultation and all detailed information by ph. : + 77017317175, + 77073944675, 3297274. Processing of apartments, private houses, basement and warehouse. Conclusion of contracts.


Fight against ants, destruction of ants in premises

How to get rid of ants? Completely to bring these insects and to guarantee lack of ants for a long time, involvement of experts is necessary.

The hidden arrangement of nests of red house ants strongly complicates fight against them. The main method of destruction of ants is primanochny, based on biological feature of these insects to transfer a forage from a mouth to a mouth to the fellows who are not leaving a nest. The baits which are available in broad access are calculated that death of insects will happen in several days after eating of the poisoned food. But, unfortunately, at application of baits there is no guarantee that all ants and all nests are poisoned, by means of distribution of substance from a bait. Moreover, ants can migrate to the neighboring rooms, and then come back. Therefore long protection of the dwelling against ants, requires use of special insecticides under control of experts.

Moreover, if you want to bring for certain these insects, it is necessary to combat ants in all rooms of your dwelling at once, and, besides, it is desirable to carry out processing and the neighboring premises.

At destruction of ants by our experts surfaces in places of detection, localization of ants and also ways of their possible movement are processed. Our employees pay special attention to openings and cracks in walls, to door boxes, thresholds, processing along plinths, in facing coverings.

For achievement of the best of a rezultataa of a quality assurance of works processing has to be carried out at the same time in all rooms of your dwelling. Besides, for prevention of migration and the subsequent return of ants it is necessary to process also all adjacent rooms for prevention: public places and apartment of neighbors. Remember that finally it is possible to get rid of red ants, having only destroyed all nests including being outside your apartment.

We will help you to destroy insects effectively and safely! You call, we work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Ants Description of a look

 Formicidae - small insects of family of Hymenoptera. About 6000 species of these insects from most of which part lives in the open nature and only some - near constructions of the person and in them are known. In premises the most widespread types is the red house ant. These small (2 - 4 mm) insects of reddish - yellow color often meet in city apartments.

Reproduction and habitat

Ants live big families or colonies which part females, males, so - called working individuals (infertile, underdeveloped females), and also eggs, larvae and dolls are. Eggs of ants very small, larvae worm - shaped and legless also are in a nest, well hidden, inaccessible for the person. Working ants look after them and polovozrely individuals. They bring in a nest of sterns, and on its searches there are a nest no more than 10% of all working individuals. Families of red house ants can unite hundreds of thousands and even over one million individuals. Sometimes in nests there are about 200 females uterus, and the annual gain can reach 2 - 30 thousand individuals. Development term from egg to an adult individual makes about 40 days at this species of an ant. Life expectancy of females makes 270 days, males - 20, working individuals - 60 days.

Red house ants are omnivorous, but prefer the products containing various sugar or animal protein. As a rule, they eat liquid or semi - fluid organic substances. They process previously firm food the digestive juice which is emitted from a mouth.

Ants can exist only in well heated rooms. In apartments usually occupy kitchens, bathrooms and dining rooms. Ants nest in the hidden and inaccessible places: behind a tile, under a parquet and plinths, in cracks and cracks of walls, in books, in pots with houseplants. Being settled on the building. Ants get into adjacent rooms on various communications (in particular on the course of pipes of water and heating networks), to various cracks and cracks.

Danger to the person

Creeping on garbage and sewage, and then on foodstuff, ants can be mechanical carriers of causative agents of many diseases of the person: typhus, diphtheria and so forth. Invasion of ants is catastrophic for any foodstuff.

The hidden arrangement of nests strongly complicates fight against ants as it is impossible to achieve noticeable decrease in their number, applying contact poisons against working individuals. The most effective method of fight against ants is the primanochny method based on biological feature of these insects to transfer a forage from a mouth to a mouth to the fellows who are not leaving a nest.



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Fight against ants
Fight against ants
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