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Filbert the cleared caliber 15/17 buy in Almaty
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Filbert the cleared caliber 15/17

Filbert the cleared caliber 15/17

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Filbert the cleared caliber 15/17


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Fruits of a filbert large call a filbert or hazelnut. A filbert – the cultivated kinds of grades of a filbert. Initially a filbert called only a forest filbert. Yellowy-brown nuts have almost spherical shape, length of 15-25 mm and width of 12-20 mm. In the confectionery industry from a filbert receive nut paste and flour, fry it, candy, salt.
Filbert large, or "a lombardsky nut" – a plant of family birch. It is widespread in Asia Minor, on the Balkans and in the Caucasus. The filbert was cultivated since antique times as a nut bearing plant.
Widespread grades of a filbert:
Badem – a hazelnut grade with the long a little flattened fruits.
The Crimean filbert – a hazelnut grade with a roundish kernel and a thin shell.
Kerasund – a grade of a filbert of conical shape with very thin shell.
Filbert caloric content
Caloric content of a filbert makes 704 kcal on 100 grams of a product.
Structure and useful properties of a filbert
The filbert possesses remarkable medicinal and nutritious properties. Kernels of a filbert contain about 60% of the oil consisting of glycerides of olein, stearin and palmitic acids which interfere with growth of cholesterol in blood protect from vascular diseases. And also are extremely necessary for the growing organism. Hazelnut is also characterized by the high content of protein (15-20%), vitamin E, mineral substances: potassium, iron, cobalt. The filbert is rich with nutrients, it surpasses in caloric content by 2-3 times bread, by 8 times milk, and also chocolate.
Filbert – a source of vegetable protein which is irreplaceable in vegetarian food (kalorizator). The filbert contains polynonsaturated fatty acids therefore protects an organism from cardiovascular diseases, serves for prevention of atherosclerosis, promotes clarification of an organism, prevents putrefactive processes in intestines, promotes immunity increase.
The filbert can be used also to people with diabetes. Thanks to the low content of carbohydrates the filbert can be eaten and at very strict diet without risk to recover. The filbert contains the substances promoting introduction of slags from an organism (especially from a liver). The use of a filbert prevents putrefactive processes, clears an organism. In hazelnut extract scientists found a small amount of the substance possessing anticarcinogenic properties.
Filbert in cookery
The filbert is fried, salted, candied, pounded in flour, receive from it nut oil, and cake is added after that to halvah.

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Filbert the cleared caliber 15/17
Filbert the cleared caliber 15/17
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