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The firewall ME Citadel, represents the hardware and software based on the Intel Pentium II/III platform and operated by specially developed operating system. In a standard configuration the ME Citadel screen has 4 interfaces 10/100BaseTX Ethernet. Support to 16 interfes of Ethernet in one ustoroystvo is possible. An optional opportunity is installation of the interface WAN module (V.35 or X.21) supporting SLIP, PPP, HDLC and Frame Relay. 
The ME Citadel complex provides safe, reliable and economic interaction of the Internet and Intranet networks thanks to the powerful and flexible mechanism of IP routing with the built-in functions of a package filtration, the mechanism of address broadcasting (NAT) and proxy filters of network level. Use of the Intel platform and modular architecture on the basis of the tire PCI protects your investments, providing transition to new technologies by replacement of the version of the software or/and the interface modules. 
On the forward panel of a complex the LCD display and diagnostic indicators is located. With their help it is possible to obtain information on diagnostics, versions program and hardware, IP addresses, the status, a configuration, loading of interfaces, etc. It facilitates diagnostics of possible problems, and also allows not technicians to supply the administrator with information in case of problems.
 Main subsystems of the Citadel complex 
Traditional router of TCP/IP. Carries out static routing of packages according to the table of routes. Controls a correctness of the transferred packages. Makes impossible carrying out the attacks based on a parcel of incorrect IP packages or on the wrong fragmentation, to hosts of the protected subnets. Even when using a product only as a router. 
Package filter (Packet Filtering Firewall). The traffic by the criteria set by the list of rules of a filtration (Access control list) filters TCP/IP. Rules of a filtration allow to resolve or forbid passing of a package on the basis of the following parameters:
Address of a car/network and port of a source and receiver
Type of the protocol and flags of the protocol
Entrance and output network interfaces
 Time interval. Allows to specify day and time of day when connections are allowed and when are forbidden.
Besides, the package filter allows to include compulsory defragmentation on the chosen rules for protection of internal hosts against family of the attacks constructed on incorrectly fragmented packages. 
Shaping of a traffic allows to limit artificially the capacity of the channel for the chosen types of a traffic.

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Firewall ME Citadel
Firewall ME Citadel
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