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Fittings of fiberglass composite 12 mm of GOST 31938-2012 buy in Almaty
Buy Fittings of fiberglass composite 12 mm of GOST 31938-2012
Fittings of fiberglass composite 12 mm of GOST 31938-2012

Fittings of fiberglass composite 12 mm of GOST 31938-2012

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Kazakhstan, Almaty
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Technical characteristics
  • MaterialFiberglass

The fiberglass fittings (ASP) are the cores consisting of the fiber glass impregnated and connected by chemically resistant polymer. The surface of a reinforcing core has a corrugation of a turbinal profile, on similarity of metal fittings.

The composite fittings from fibreglass passed all necessary corrosion and physicomechanical tests of concrete and reinforced concrete where its main significant characteristics were recorded and confirmed.

According to ravnoprochnostny characteristics the AKSP fittings with a diameter of 12 mm replace metal fittings of 16 mm!

The weight of 1 m - 0,210 kg

The number of meters in a bay - 50 m; 100 m; perhaps by request.

Diameter of a bay - 0,8 m - 1,2 m.

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  • Strength at stretching = 1200 MPas (at steel fittings of the class AIII it at the level of 360-390 MPas). As the fittings in concrete are generally intended for perception of the stretching efforts, more than 3rd (!) multiple superiority of fiberglass fittings in this indicator allows to replace the ASP metal fittings with smaller diameter.

  • Density of composite fittings = 1.9 t/m3 (density there were 7.85 t/m3). This considerable difference leads to the fact that fittings from fibreglass 5 times easier steel. In combination with superiority in strength characteristics use of fiberglass fittings facilitates a concrete design by 9 times!

  • The fittings from fibreglass are absolutely steady against chemical influence of hostile environment including in the alkaline environment of concrete. It is not exposed to either a buckling, or corrosion that does stekloplastbetonny designs by much more durable in comparison with reinforced concrete.

  • ASP has high elastic properties, does not lose tension at a break and does not keep deformation.

  • The coefficient of thermal expansion of fittings from fiber glass is as close as possible to concrete that excludes formation of cracks at change of temperature.

  • ASP is radiotransparent, diamagnetic and has dielectric properties, that is is not susceptible to electromagnetic waves and is not the screen.

  • Coefficient of heat conductivity of fibreglass = 0.35 that in more than hundred times is lower, than at steel that does fittings of fibreglass almost not carrying out heat.

  • ASP does not lose the properties at low temperatures in difference from cold brittleness of steel fittings.

  • ASP is dielectric, a radioprozrachna and a diamagnitna that lifts limits for its use in construction where it is significant, for example in hospitals, the airports or military constructions.

The economy in work with ASP is caused by the following:

  1.  Use of fittings of smaller diameter.

  2.  Simplification of transportation and loading and unloading works.

  3.  Reduction of labor costs at installation and other works with ASP.

  4.  Durability.

Profitability, ease and reliability of fiberglass fittings do it by very perspective and demanded construction material!

You can buy composite fiberglass fittings in Almaty from us. Our company offers only high-quality fiberglass fittings according to GOST of 31938-2012 following diameters: 4 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm.

 Main scopes of fiberglass fittings:

  •  The concrete products working at the elastic basis that is the tape bases, reinforcing of concrete couplers and paving.
  • Low monolithic construction, including with a fixed timbering.
  • In the designs adjoining to water, for example embankments or bank protections.
  • Collecting pipes and other designs are lower than a zero mark of a bedding for an exception of the wandering current.

 High strength characteristics, very small weight and incomparable corrosion resistance obviously confirm bigger profitability of fiberglass fittings in comparison with traditional steel.

Due to lightweight and warehousing in the form of a bay it is possible to transport fittings in a car luggage carrier!

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Fittings of fiberglass composite 12 mm of GOST 31938-2012
Fittings of fiberglass composite 12 mm of GOST 31938-2012
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