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Basic purpose of the device - definition of a photographic exposition at digital and analog shooting with sources of pulse and continuous lighting by illumination measurements (incident light) and brightness (the reflected light). Dot measurement of brightness of small sites of object is possible. Also the model can be used for creation of profiles of chambers (matrixes) and materials (films), determination of real sensitivity and dynamic range of matrixes and films.
Fleshmetr represents the compact device with two light detectors. One serves for measurements of an incident light and settles down in the rotary block under a milky-white hemisphere, another is intended for dot measurements and combined with the optical view-finder in which center there is a circle showing area of measurement with a space angle 1 °. In sight of the view-finder there is also a red LED display providing instant display of results of measurements. Other light detector settles down in a rotary head which has the hemispherical diffuser of an original mobile design. Depending on a way and type of measurement the hemisphere can be in one of two provisions: top or lower. In the top situation measurements of the general illumination of three-dimensional objects are carried out, and at the lower position of the diffuser measurements of illumination of flat objects and measurements for determination of lighting contrast are carried out.
The big LCD display provides accurate display of results of measurements in a digital and analog form. The screen has pleasant illumination of indigo color at which results of measurements are visible even in complete darkness.
L-758D has the socket for connection sinkhrokabelya.
L-758D allows to perform measurements of the falling and reflected light both in pulse, and in the constant mode, to within 0,1 divisions of a diaphragm. Fleshmetr can also show an exposition in values of endurance and a diaphragm with the same step (1/2, 1/3 or 1/6) which is chosen in settings of the camera that considerably facilitates installation of an exposition. For determination of lighting contrast and finding of average values of an exposition the device can remember up to 9 intermediate results. By means of the Mid-tone button (average tone) it is possible to shift area of average tones towards svet (highlights) or shadows (shadows), without exceeding the limit of dynamic range. At the mixed illumination of L-758D displays the general exposition on continuous and pulse lighting, and also shows a share of pulse lighting as a percentage to the general. During the work with two chambers or two types of films for fast switching from one sensor on another the ISO1 and ISO2 buttons are used. Creation of a profile of levels of sensitivity of a sensor of the digital camera for increase of accuracy of measurements is carried out at connection of the device to the computer (on USB) with established ON Data Transfer Software V2. There are versions for Windows and for Mac OS.
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Fleshmetra SekonicL-758D
Fleshmetra SekonicL-758D
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