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Flokulyanta Prayestol (Praestol) are intended for an intensification of processes of water purification, consolidation and dehydration of rainfall. The intensification of sedimentation of firm particles is caused by complex influence of flokulyant: - as electrolytes they reduce electric potential by particle surfaces, and the particle gains tendency to association with similar; - as polymer flokulyant unites these particles in large educations - flokula which sedimentation speed in tens and hundreds times more, than at initial particles. Flokulyanta Prayestol are applied in municipal services and various industries (mining, pulp - and - paper, petrochemical, etc. ) for sewage treatment, dehydration of slimes, preparation of drinking and technical water. Some brands of Prayestol are applied in other technological processes: - receiving paper as the means holding small fiber; - drillings of wells in the oil and gas industry as a zagushchayushchy component of boring solutions; - increases of oil recovery and repair of wells due to application of special gel - forming structures on the basis of polyacrylamide.

High - molecular water - soluble polymer - flokulyant Praestol (Prayestol) - production of the German production (MSP). Flokulyanta Prayestol appeared in the international market in 1998, and during this time managed to win popularity in many areas of the industry.

Flokulyant Praestol (Prayestol) is actively used for acceleration of water - purifying processes, consolidation of rainfall and their further dehydration. The chemical reagents used as electrolytes reduce the electric potential of molecules of water owing to what particles begin to unite with each other. Further flokulyant Prayestol acts already as polymer which unites particles in flakes - "flokkula". Thanks to Prayestol's action, microflakes unite in macroflakes which sedimentation speed in several hundreds of times above usual particles. Thus, complex influence of a flokulyant of Praestol promotes an intensification of sedimentation of firm particles.

Flokulyant Praestol (Prayestol) is widely applied in municipal services to cleaning and disinfecting of drinking water. Besides, flokulyant Praestol finds the application in the chemical and petrochemical industry and pulp - and - paper production. This chemical reagent are actively used in all water - purifying processes. Separate brands of Prayestol are applied to dehydration of oil slimes, in production of paper (as means which holds fibers), in processes of increase of oil recovery and repair of wells (gel - forming compositions of polyacrylamide), during drilling of wells in gas and the petroindustries (as a thickener of boring solutions), etc.

Flokulyant Praestol (Prayestol) is certified in the territory of the Russian Federation and has all necessary hygienic certificates and certificates of conformity of Gossanepidnadzor of Russia that confirms not only quality of this chemical product, but also their absolute safety for health of the person. Moreover, flokulyanta Prayestol are recommended by Gossanepidnadzor of the Russian Federation for application in drinking water supply. The raw materials used in the course of production of flokulyant Prayestol represent the concentrated water solution of acrylamide which is result of unique developments in the field of biotechnology which were conferred awards of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of science and equipment.

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Flokulyant Prayestol 2540
Flokulyant Prayestol 2540
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