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Floristics courses

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  • BrandАлматинский центр дополнительного профессионального образования
  • Country of manufactureKazakhstan

Courses of florists for beginners

This course for those who want to begin own creative, beautiful business or already conducts it, but needs new knowledge, experience, inspiration.
If you absolutely are not familiar with drawing up bouquets yet, then training in our center will become start in development of the business.
After the termination of a course and passing an examination the certificate is granted, and your summary and a portfolio is posted on our website. Assistance in employment

Program of training of florists

Occupation 1:
- Floristics history. Emergence of floristics.
- Floristics today. Current trends. Opening of own shop of floristics
- Species of flowers. Ways of care of svezhesrezanny flowers. Forms of the importance of flowers and greens. 3 groups of flowers: the high society, middle class and low, small importance.
- Seasonality of bouquets and compositions. Seasonal flowers.
- Necessary tools in work of the florist.

Occupation 2:
- Styles: massive style, linear style, linearly - massive style, the mixed style.
- Forms: the rectangle, a triangle, a circle, irregular shapes, constructive forms, free forms aspiring up the forms falling forms, creeping forms, curved forms, fragile forms.
- A golden ratio in floristics. Application of a golden ratio.

Occupation 3:
- Chromatics. Color circle.
- Language of color, Color scale. Contrast. Two-color combinations, three-colored combinations. Color moods.

Occupation 4:
- Chief technicians of creation of bouquets. Radial, parallel and free equipment in the European classification.
- Packing of a bouquet.
- Practice. Drawing up bouquet, packing.

Occupation 5:
- Frameworks. Rules of work with frameworks. Technology of weaving of frameworks.
- Practice. Drawing up a bouquet on a framework.

Occupation 6:
- Arrangement of parts of composition. Symmetry in compositions, asymmetric construction.
- Practice. Drawing up composition.

Occupation 7:
- Work with baskets.
- Practice. Drawing up composition in a basket.

Occupation 8:
- Wedding floristics. Bridal bouquet, choice of a bridal bouquet. Bridal bouquet forms, ways of their creation: round, a drop, asymmetric, going down, creative)
- A bouquet in a portbuketnitsa.
- Practice. Drawing up a bouquet in a portbuketnitsa.

Occupation 9:
- Bridal bouquet "drop". A bouquet on the legs. Wedding accessories.
- Practice.

Occupation 10:
- Wedding compositions on tables of guests. A castle on a table.
- Practice.

Occupation 11:
- Flower tree (topiariya)
- "A flower cup" (topiariya)

Occupation 12:
- examination-paper. Drawing up an examination-paper at choice.
- Analysis of mistakes.
- delivery of certificates.

Course duration: 6 days. (36 astronomically hours)
Format of occupations: every day with 10.00 - 17.00 with a break on coffee break
Training cost: 60000 tg (all materials are included in cost.)

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Floristics courses
Floristics courses
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