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Forced ventilation for the house and office of BRIZER Tion O2 buy in Astana
Buy Forced ventilation for the house and office of BRIZER Tion O2
Forced ventilation for the house and office of BRIZER Tion O2

Forced ventilation for the house and office of BRIZER Tion O2

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Tion O2 - the solution of problems of tightness of plastic windows and bad ecology of the modern cities

Windows all are good, however they almost do not pass air from the street... Because of it in apartments there is nothing to breathe, the mold on walls grows, the unpleasant smell of neighbour's food and tobacco from exhaust ventilation in kitchen and a bathroom is often caught. Stagnant air provokes distribution of diseases, someone "zachikhat", and in couple of days all family is ill again. And all because there is no continuous inflow of fresh air. It is regularly necessary to air the room or to slightly open windows. However together with feeling of freshness dust, dirt, allergens, microbes and a mold, exhaust gases, unpleasant smells and a smoke from wildfires flies to the house... And still: noise of cars, drunk companies, draft and constant abuse of house: "Open a window, stuffy! / Close, cold!"

- And at us in the apartment... Tion O2!

Tion 02 is a compact stitched ventilation this installation with complex system of purification of air. It gives street air to the room, clears it of all harmful substances and heats to the set temperature. With Tion of O2 you receive healthy air exchange and a microclimate indoors without opening of windows.

As Tion works with O2

Air from the street gets the device fan, takes place three-stage system of cleaning of all types of pollution: dust, allergens, viruses, bacteria, mold mushrooms, and also harmful gases and smells; it is warmed up by the ceramic heater with climate control up to the set temperature and already pure, warm moves to the room.

3 Steps of purification of air Tion O2

1. The basic filter of the class F5 with a coal covering. Detains large and average particles of dust, swelled, soot and allergens. Makes preliminary purification of air of harmful gases and smells. 2. The highly effective NERA-filter of the class H11 with antibacterial impregnation - the medical standard of purification of air! Detains fine dust, the smallest allergens, bacteria, viruses, mold mushrooms. Only filters of the class H11 allow to detain dangerous microorganisms (filters of a smaller class do not catch them). 3. Adsorptive and catalytic filter.
Carries out deep purification of air of exhaust gases, industrial emissions, smells and a smoke of wildfires.

Principle of a brizer Technology of work

Functions and opportunities Tion 02

  • Air flow sufficient for 4 people indoors up to 40 sq.m (three speeds of air supply of 45/70/120 m3/h)
  • The three-stage purification of air which does not have analogs by efficiency
  • Climate control: automatic maintenance of the set temperature of stitched air at change of temperature on the street. Clever heating saves the electric power
  • Electronic control system with the LCD interface and the DU panel
  • Independence of weather conditions. Works both during a heat, and in a frost (from - 26C ° to + 50C °)
  • Low noise level. Works more quietly than the conditioner
  • Can take place in placements both on repair stages, and in premises with final finishing. Is established more simply than the conditioner, does not spoil a building facade
  • Compact size: 511 h451 h163mm (height x width x depth)
  • The best ratio "price quality" among stitched systems with similar functionality
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Forced ventilation for the house and office of BRIZER Tion O2
Forced ventilation for the house and office of BRIZER Tion O2
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