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Franking Optimail car

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  • Country of manufactureGermany

Millions of franking Optimail cars released in Germany by FRANCOTYP-POSTALIA concern work in many countries of the world at different continents – in the countries of the united Europe in the USA, in Africa and the countries of the Asian region. Such cars since 1993 and in Kazakhstan work. Optimail (as well as his predecessor - T1000) – the most mass franking car of import production in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Reliability and simplicity of operation, steady service support provided Optimail in Kazakhstan, as well as in other countries of the world, good reputation and active consumer demand. And it is valid, the progressive design ideas and decisions put in Optimail basis at its design provided high degree of its competitiveness for already many years, by right having delivered to Optimail in a row of the classical franking cars developed for all history of their existence.

It is pleasant that, having put once on the market the franking Optimail car, her creators and developers departed from the known postulate "Best is oftentimes the enemy of the good" and continued its improvement, systematically making modernization on the basis of operating experience, remarks and wishes of staff of the service centers and numerous users. For example, in Kazakhstan since 1998 the version of the T1000 S TREND car having in addition consumer functions among which is and "the mode of independent listing of results of work" in the asset actively is on sale (any other car has no such opportunity).

Report on the place of emergence of expenses (sample)

It is unconditional that during the time which passed since 1998 at designers and designers many new ideas and developments collected and as result – the next version of the franking T1000 car – the OPTIMAIL car is submitted to consumers.

The novelty is distinguished, first of all, new forms – the case of the car is executed taking into account current trends in the field of design and recommendations of experts in ergonomics, and the updated color of the case of the car (blue) corresponds to one of official flowers of the united Europe.

The display is located under slightly changed corner – so simpler to read out information, and command keys became even more convenient in work. As well as on the previous T1000 versions, on OPTIMAIL the socket for connection of the weight tasksetter determining the size of post collecting is provided. The car as well as earlier, the listing of results of the work which is able to make in the form of the summary report, however is new function – a stamp of registration of incoming documents with the indication of number and date. Undoubtedly, this function will be very actual for acceleration of procedure of registration of the "entering" documents!

On the technical characteristics OPTIMAIL practically does not differ from the T1000 TREND version which became "classics" therefore users of the new version of the car can be sure of reliability and durability of OPTIMAIL.

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Franking Optimail car
Franking Optimail car
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