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At the device of ventfasad as facing material front cartridges which represent the piece products having from all directions the finished structure can be used. They are issued rectangular, trapezoid, triangular, angular and any other irregular shape that opens boundless opportunities for implementation of courageous design projects. The Roofing Master company is engaged in production of front cartridges from galvanized steel 0,45 - 1,2 mm thick and releases them in two options of execution which main difference consists in principle installation:

FKP KM cartridges have open fastening: each panel separately fastens to the bearing framework a hardware (at the same time the fixture is selected in color of material, the complete and esthetic type of finishing thereby is not broken).

Front cartridges usually have a rectangular shape, but can be manufactured angular, triangular, trapezoid, etc. irregular shapes. Cartridges have open fastening. Distance between cartridges fixed — 20 mm. Depth of cartridges can vary, standard depth - 23 mm. The unbent flanges of cartridges serve for their fastening as the color self - cutting screws with a six - sided head. Installation of cartridges is conducted from below up, from left to right. These panels are most popular thanks to a combination of their durability, low price of front cartridges and small weight.

Direct, strict lines of a relief pattern of facing by FKP KM cartridges, give to a building facade representative appearance. Achievement of this effect is promoted also by a possibility of the embodiment on a smooth facing cloth of various design ideas. The color scale of powder coloring allows to create the front cartridges having a surface of various flowers and shades. Their competent combination at installation does possible registration of the colourful, but not loud and bright facade corresponding to functional mission of the building.

FKS KM cartridges have the hidden fixture realized by means of a hook of the top panel for lower (such way does the place of fastening absolutely imperceptible).

The FKS KM rectangular front cartridge has the side edges bent at right angle. The bottom and upper edge of the cartridge are curved so that at installation of front cartridges the bottom of the top cartridge clung to top of lower. Besides, the upper edge has openings for the self - cutting screws. For compensation of temperature expansions of the cartridge of an opening have slightly bigger size, than diameter of screws. If regular replacement of the filter of the ventilated facade, then facing with FKS cartridges is not provided it is more preferable, chemfkp. First of all, because at installation of a head of self - tapping screws which screw on guides the upper edge of the cartridge are completely blocked by the clinging bottom edge of following. That is, they are invisible outside and protected from hit of moisture and, therefore, from corrosion. Such design considerably increases service life of fastening of front cartridges to elements of suspended system of the ventilated facade.

Front cartridges from galvanized thin - sheet steel (from 0,45 thick to 1,5mm) on the European equipment are made. Production of this kind provides high precision of the sizes of the made products. As a polymeric covering it is applied, depending on the choice of the customer, either polyester, or stronger powder covering which perfectly protects a steel sheet from influence of a city smog.

For ensuring complete delivery of "turnkey" Front cartridges are offered:

  • levels and nashchelnik;
  • thermal insulation and wind - shelter films;
  • system of a subdesign from galvanized steel;
  • fixing materials;
  • instructions for installation and technical documentation for installation;
  • departure of the technical specialist on object, the help in design, consultation for installation.

It is possible to buy front cartridges as separately, and as a part of complex system of the ventilated facade that provides additional benefits: ideal calculation of material for the solution of specific objectives, addition of the order with all necessary expendables and accessories for creation of a reliable and attractive facade.

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Front cartridges
Front cartridges
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