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Front designs, light lamps, domes

Front designs, light lamps, domes

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  • BrandAlp Курылыс
  • Country of manufactureKazakhstan

Front designs, light lamps, domes

Aluminum stained-glass windows. Front systems.

  • these are the translucent designs collected on the basis of aluminum shapes which provide the maximum transmission of light. Aluminum is very steady against external influences, it as temperature and corrosion that does a stained-glass window strong, durable and practical.

Stained glass systems are applied to installation of hinged translucent walls, light lamps, winter gardens, and other translucent designs. However a stained-glass window - difficult system in which along with durability of a design have to be thought over a drainage, ventilation and adjunctions. Stained-glass window adjunctions, especially roofs to the building, provide tightness and fire safety of a design.

Front systems are divided by the constructive solution, technology of construction and a way of creation of architectural composition

  • on standard
  • structural
  • semi-structural

Standard facades are characterized by existence of the expressed step-by-step partitioning. The external plane of hinged crossbars and racks goes beyond the glazing plane, and color and a form of the finishing levels is an important element of architectural composition. Fastening of a glazing is carried out exclusively mechanically by means of shtapik and special levels.

Structural facades are difficult constructive systems which main idea is creation of a continuous smooth surface of a glazing with minimum expressed partitioning. At the same time the glazing is attached to the bearing elements by means of special glue, and elements of hinged rack-mount and crossbar system completely are behind the glazing plane.

The majority of systems of a structural glazing are characterized by existence of an additional frame design on which the front glass blocks formed by a double-glazed window with the fixing aluminum shape pasted to it are hung.

Semi-structural facades differ in existence of the visible aluminum edges providing protection of regional sites of a double-glazed window.

Filling of cells between the bearing designs can be carried out by a deaf glazing or the opening windows.

As fillings unary glass of an ilisteklopaketa, and also different types a sandwich panels or the enameled glass can be used. On high-rise buildings packages from the tempered glass are established, and apply the tempered glass, the reinforcing films or triplex to a roof.

The glasses applied in double-glazed windows to aluminum stained-glass windows.

  1. The glass painted in weight;
  2. The low-issue glass (energy saving) intended for performance of the following functions:
  • reduction of losses of heat by the room due to reflection of thermal waves in the infrared range;
  • reflection of solar radiation;
  • protection of rooms against electromagnetic radiation and radio waves;
  • reflection of radiation in the visible range.

3. Tempered - thermostrengthened. At destruction the tempered glass breaks up on small, the rounded form, splinters which have no the sharp cutting sides.

4. Laminated - the laminated glass which is stuck together by means of a polyvinyl film or pitch.

The main the advantage of the laminated multilayered designs from glass is safety at destruction. By means of lamination it is possible to make designs which can serve as the glasses protecting from breaking and a blast wave, and also bullet-proof, shock-resistant and fireproof glasses.

5. Molirovanny glass - bent on the set radius.

ALP Курылыс LLP has an opportunity to make a glazing of facades and overlappings of modern buildings, such as banks, business and shopping centers, showrooms, galleries, hotel complexes and other objects of different function, and also to create beautiful and warm designs of shops, pavilions and entrance groups of buildings.

Office partitions from aluminum

The system of aluminum office partitions allows to collect partitions with any angles of turns and branchings. The color scale of aluminum shapes includes all RAL palette, and coverings which are also anodized and decorated under a tree. As fillings for partitions you can choose both glass from 4 to 8 mm, and the panel sandwich decorated by MDF, a chipboard or gypsum cardboard. The system is adapted for installation of all-glass doors, electronic locks.

We do office partitions from design before installation, applying only the best samples of import and domestic aluminum shapes.

We recommend, you choose. Easily and simply. When we do.

One more scope of translucent designs from aluminum profiles glazing of winter gardens, verandahs, domes and antiaircraft lamps.

Domes and antiaircraft lamps are the fine decision for decorative registration of the building and creation of day lighting as the ceiling light is more effective than lateral. It helps to achieve the best illumination and to save the electric power during insufficient illumination during daylight hours, for example, in cloudy weather.

The antiaircraft lamp can be practically any form - from a simple dome to a difficult spherical design.

Domes and antiaircraft lamps perfectly proved not only at construction of houses and cottages, but also trade and production rooms.

The most important for a roof is a tightness under any weather conditions.

As domes and antiaircraft lamps have on a roof, paramount value has design and installation of knots of a design, and especially adjunctions. Correctly designed and mounted design will not proceed throughout a long time.

At assembly and installation for any roofing design it is necessary to use safety glass. Observance of all these rules is guaranteed by reliability and tightness of a design throughout all term of operation of a dome or an antiaircraft lamp.

Engineers and assemblers of ALP Kurylys LLP have an extensive experience of work with roofing designs. We with pleasure offer you services in design, production and installation of domes and antiaircraft lamps.

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Front designs, light lamps, domes
Front designs, light lamps, domes
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