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Frozen cod fillet Lower, portioned buy in Almaty
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Frozen cod fillet Lower, portioned

Frozen cod fillet Lower, portioned

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The taste and useful properties of the fish on our table directly depend on the conditions of its storage and transportation from the place of catch. Currently, there are two main methods of freezing cod:

  • sea (sea frozen) - fish is processed and frozen on board a fishing vessel, the time from catch to freezing, as a rule, is no more than 3 hours;
  • coastal (land frozen) - freezing is carried out on the shore, in special factories, the delivery time after the catch is from several hours to two days.

Of course, from the point of view of preserving useful properties and taste, fish frozen immediately after being caught is preferable. Moreover, many fishing vessels today install shock or dry freezing systems, when the fish is processed in special chambers at an air temperature of minus 35 - 40C and a high air speed. It only takes a few minutes to cool down to the right temperature, which means that the processing time for fresh fish is reduced to a minimum. Such a product may cost more than fish processed on the shore.

With coastal freezing, the quality of the finished product is affected by both the speed and the method of delivery to the factory. The properties of fresh fish are best preserved by delivery in containers with ice made from sea water.

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Frozen cod fillet Lower, portioned
Frozen cod fillet Lower, portioned
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