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Lately fuel cards gained ground. The oil companies, such as Lukoil or the Tyumen Oil Company (TOC), etc. issue cards. Sign the contract for purchase of the fuel map and for service with them on it.

Payments with fuel maps have a number of advantages.

First, the cost of gasoline, diesel fuel or engine oils in this case is much cheaper. Suppliers of fuel do to holders of fuel cards of a discount from the price. And the organization pays fuels and lubricants for the price which affects date when it is exposed the invoice.

Secondly, according to the card it is always possible to buy any amount of gasoline. Of course, within the limit specified in the application of firm. The firm sets a limit, as a rule, more, than average daily need of the car for fuel.

Thirdly, it is possible to receive a full package of documents from the supplier. It both checks of gas station, and the invoice, and a detailed report about, when, how many, what type of fuel was released. That is it is possible to accept to a VAT deduction without special problems. It is clear, that provided that the supplier - the payer of this tax also exposed the invoice with the allocated tax sum.

Fourthly, it is not necessary to carry out calculations with the supplier of fuel through advance holders: to make cash documents and expense reports.

But there are also shortcomings. We will not hold back them too. Let's tell, some suppliers according to the card can take small additional percent for service. Besides, according to the fuel card it is possible to refuel only at certain gas stations.

The accounting of the fuel map depends on on what conditions it is issued. Here three options are possible. The card can be issued free of charge, on terms of return or for money.

In the first case the card neither in accounting, nor for the taxation is not reflected in any way.

When the card is issued with a return condition, as a rule, take pledge for it. This sum comes back to the issuer if the organization ceases to refuel according to this fuel card.

The third option - purchase of the fuel map. In this case its cost is written off for accounts of the accounting of productions at once.

Payments with fuel maps happen as follows. At first the organization transfers to the owner of gas stations money for fuel and receives the card. When cars of the organization refuel at gas station, she does not pay in cash, and shows the fuel card. At the end of every month the supplier of fuel submits the act and the report on when and how many money was transferred by firm on the card, and also about the volume of the spent fuel. On the basis of this document the report of the holder is formed - it forms the basis for fuel write-off.

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