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Functional bed of Eleganza 3XC buy in Almaty
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Functional bed of Eleganza 3XC

Functional bed of Eleganza 3XC

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Kazakhstan, Almaty
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Technical characteristics
  • BrandLINET
  • Country of manufactureCzech Republic

The design and functionality of the Eleganza 3XC model is created for satisfaction of high requirements of intensive care units and intensive therapy. This modern bed having a columned design and a set of the functions necessary for medical personnel at care of patients which are in critical condition.

The built - in electronic scales with memory function

The built - in digital scales display the current weight of the patient, change of weight during time, and have the mode for installation/removal of accessories. Allow to measure and monitor changes of weight of the patient without dangerous movement it from a bed. Scales are equipped with function of memory to 10 absolute values of weight.

Function of an intellectual automatic brake "i - brake"

The bed with the unblocked wheels can become the reason of falling. The system of an intellectual brake i - brake automatically defines the end of transportation or movement and activates the brake system of blocking of wheels if the bed is connected to network of power supply.

Reduction of pressure in the field of a basin and a sacrum when bending by means of the Ergoframe function

The design of a bed of Ergoframe® expands a zone in the field of a basin and a sacrum at a simultaneous raising of back and femoral sections of a bed. It leads to considerable decrease in a compression in this zone that reduces risk of education and development of decubituses.

Improvement of pulmonary and warm functions in situation "cardiochairs"

The bed can be given to a provision of a cardiological chair by means of only one button for improvement of pulmonary and warm functions.

Active mobilization with a sliding hand - rail of "Mobi - Lift"

Unique hand - rail of Mobi - Lift with the built - in buttons of adjustment of height help to involve the patient in mobilization process safely.

Compatibility with the S - arch (C - arm)

The system of two columns in the basis of a bed provides free access of the rentegnovsky device (C - arch) to X - ray transparent back section of a bed

Convenient transportation and controllability by means of 5 wheels

The sliding 5th wheel helps maneuvering when transporting and can be removed a uselessness case. Allows to maneuver in narrow space, with ease bending around osty corners

Technical characteristics

  • The external sizes (with the lifted protection) 231cm x 104,5cm
  • Change of the sizes of a bed - 7/ + 17cm
  • The recommended mattress size 208cm x 86 (91) cm x 14cm
  • Max. thickness of a mattress 23cm
  • Range of adjustment of height of a bed 39.5cm – 77.5cm
  • Max. tilt angle of back section 70 °
  • Max. tilt angle of femoral section 30 °
  • Max. corner at situation Trendelenburga/anti - Trendelenburga + 16 °/ - 16 °
  • Height of a side protection over bed level 45cm
  • Weight (in basic equipment) 138kg
  • Safe working loading 250kg

Main functions and adjustments

  • Adjustment of height and situation Trendelenburg/anti - Trendelenburg - electric motors
  • Adjustment of an inclination of back section - an electric motor
  • Adjustment of an inclination of femoral section - an electric motor
  • Adjustment of section of a shin - manually by means of a rastat
  • Adjustment beds - manually are long

Elements of management

  • Control panels in side protections 
  • Main control panel 
  • Pedal control 
  • The control panel on the flexible holder

Side protections

  • Separate plastic protections with the built - in control panels
  • The principle of safe distances (for prevention of jamming of parts of a body of the patient)


  • 4th section bed
  • system of autoregression in the field of a basin and a sacrum of Ergoframe®
  • Removable plastic panels + fixed panels from HPL - plasticity
  • Rentgenprozrachnoye lozherazdelny plastic protections with the built - in control panels
  • The principle of safe distances (for prevention of jamming of parts of a body of the patient)

Devices for mobilization

  • Mobi - Lift handles support

General concept

  • Columned design
  • The design of a bed differs in high stability and guarantees functionality at loadings to 250 kg.

Wheels and brakes

  • 4 wheels of ⌀150 mm Tente Motion
  • 4 wheels ⌀150 mm Tente Integral (Option)
  • 4 dual wheels ⌀150 mm Tente Integral (Option)
  • The central brake system with management from 2 points
  • Sliding 5th wheel (Option)
  • System of an intellectual brake (Option)

Specialized functions

  • Function of a call of the nurse

End faces

  • Removable plastic end faces of design of E3
  • Safety locks

Colors of inserts from HPL plastic

  • Active protipoprolezhnevy mattresses (systems)



  • Passive protipoprolezhnevy mattresses polyurethane foam


CliniCare 30

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Functional bed of Eleganza 3XC
Functional bed of Eleganza 3XC
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