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Than there are less room sizes, especially the furniture established in it has to be functional. It belongs to bathrooms first of all. It is nearly more difficult to pick up furniture for bathrooms, than for a drawing room as it has to correspond to the most strict criteria. In general for bathrooms understand any objects which are settling down in a bathroom except actually bathroom equipment as furniture. The set of furniture can include various regiments, floor curbstones, cases and lockers (hinged or floor), cases, laundry baskets, a table-top with the built-in sink. Lamps and various mirrors for a bathroom can be carried to furniture too. Perhaps, as the most popular piece of furniture it is possible to consider so-called "мойдодыр", that is the sink which is built in a curbstone.

Hinged mirror and moydodyr - here that necessary minimum without which it is difficult to do even in the most modest bathrooms. As a matter of fact, in tiny bathrooms there are also only two possible zones for placement of furniture - over and under a sink. The mirror can be simply pasted in a wall together with a tile, for it in this case the border from a tile collection can play a frame role. But it is more convenient to have the flat locker mirror doors used for storage of cosmetics, hairbrushes, brushes, and other necessary trifles. By the way, you should not hang up the mirror which is not intended especially for this room in a bathroom. Mirrors for bathrooms usually have the special processing interfering loss of condensate on their surface - you will not need to wipe their every time after a shower.

"Moydodyr", that is case with the built-in sink, can be the most different size, a design, material. Magnificent copies can have a table-top from marble or mahogany. More often, of course, in our bathrooms you will meet plastic. Qualitative plastic is universal, rather strong and not bad looks. The stuffing of a curbstone of a moydodyr can have just several shelves, or difficult system of shelves, boxes and capacities. In the last option it is simpler to sort things and to use them. Moydodyr can be suspended, be established on legs or on a socle. The high narrow case case attached in a corner is irreplaceable for storage of towels and bathing dressing gowns.

The hinged closed lockers are good the fact that it is not required to wipe their shelves constantly. But they fine "eat" free space. Open shelves from the tempered glass, on the contrary, create bigger feeling of a scope, but demand continuous rubbing.

To you to solve, you stop the choice on pieces of furniture from the Russian or European collections. As a rule, production of domestic producer costs cheaper. But you should not neglect questions of quality. The bathroom, even with good ventilation, all the same remains the room with the increased humidity level. Means, the most strict requirements are imposed to moisture resistance of all materials.
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Furniture for bathrooms
Furniture for bathrooms
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