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Furniture for PC086-5ZG-1 bathroom buy in Almaty
Buy Furniture for PC086-5ZG-1 bathroom
Furniture for PC086-5ZG-1 bathroom

Furniture for PC086-5ZG-1 bathroom

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandEAGO
  • Country of manufactureChina

Our furniture for a bathroom in the European style differs in simple, but elegant design. Sinks with imitation under artificial marble are made from nonsaturated polyester pitch and natural microcrystalline powder and go with a special gel covering. The raw materials, after processes of single formation by molding, roasting at high temperature, and also manual polishing and polishing, take attractive appearance and high durability which can be compared even to pottery. Besides our sinks with imitation under artificial marble possess a number of advantages before ceramic sinks, such as good plasticity, crash-worthiness and maintainability.

Wood plates for production of furniture for bathrooms of the European style are a wood chipboard of the average density (MDF) of the class E1. Plates of MDF are ecologically harmless, possess good physical properties and flat internal structure. Thus, the furniture for bathrooms from MDF gets a good formoustoychivost, is practically not subject to deformation even at change of humidity, temperature, etc.

In care of ecological safety and health of consumers, our furniture for bathrooms of the European style goes with a polyurethane covering which does not contain formaldehyde and is not toxic. Thanks to water tightness of a covering and technology to heat treatment the furniture becomes very strong and reliable.

The locker with a mirror also is a part of furniture for bathrooms of the European style, and is made with use of an aluminum-magnesium alloy with the subsequent drawing a sheeting agglomeration on a surface. Angular brackets from stainless steel and secret rivets for connection and fastening of parts allow to prolong effectively furniture service life for a bathroom. Edges of doors of a locker are protected by a covering from an aluminum alloy, and doors go with tempers on both parties, special loops allow conveniently, silently and smoothly to open and close doors. The mirror is characterized by especially smooth and flat surface without distortions. Illumination is established in the top part of a mirror of square shape, provides high brightness and has esthetic design. The built-in socket of the European standard provides the high level of safety. Adjustable glass regiments give to a bathroom attractive appearance, they are convenient in use and differ in multifunctionality.

The furniture for bathrooms of the European style goes to addition to all aforesaid with high-quality metalaccessories for ensuring reliable operation and durability. Supersmooth guides for promotion of boxes and the reinforced rollers are almost silent and durable, connection nickel plating also provide long service life. Handles of lockers and cases are made of stainless steel of brand 304. Hangers of Blum are capable to maintain big weight and can be trekhmerno regulated.

Technical parameters of furniture for bathrooms of the European style:

Complete set Model Specification (mm) Quantity
Sink BB086-5 900х480х125 1
Curbstone under a sink PC086-5ZG-1-T 896х478х480 1
Mirror PC086-5ZG-1-J 880х35х600 1
Small suspended case PC086-5ZG-1-D 360x250x1550 1
Mixers PL223B-66E   1
Drainage system PX32P   1
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Furniture for PC086-5ZG-1 bathroom
Furniture for PC086-5ZG-1 bathroom
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