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Gas-blocks, ecoblock, blocks wall

Gas-blocks, ecoblock, blocks wall

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Ecoblocks from a gas concrete of EKOTON plant are intended for a laying of external, internal walls and partitions of buildings. Application of products from a gas concrete of autoclave curing of EKOTON plant in housing low (to 5 floors) and monolithic and frame multystoried construction allows to reduce prime cost of a box of the built housing by 35-40% in comparison with other wall construction materials.

Products from cellular concrete are the most optimum combination of the following properties:


With rather small volume weight of 400-500 kg/m3 the block possesses enough with the high durability of 28-40 kgfs/cm2 due to autoclave processing. At low construction it is possible to refuse a framework and to block walls either usual reinforced concrete hollow plates, or plates from a gas concrete.


The porous structure of the ecoblock provides the comfortable mode indoors: in the winter well heat, and in the summer - a cool remains; humidity of air is regulated, the pleasant microclimate is indoors created.

Fire resistance

On fire resistance indicators the ecoblock takes the leading positions among wall materials. Fire resistance of gas-silicate is much higher, than at usual concrete. On accepted standards the cellular gas concrete can be used for warming of building constructions and thermal insulation of the equipment at a temperature of isolating surface up to +400 Pages.

Frost resistance

The ecoblock, thanks to the capillary and porous structure, is frost-resistant construction material. On the international standards frost resistance of cellular concrete at alternate freezing and thawing reaches 200 cycles.

Sound insulation

Rooms from ecoblocks, thanks to cellular structure, have good sound insulation and a sound absorption that provides silence and rest in the house. It is important both for an apartment house, and for office, and for a cottage.

Thermal insulation

The most important difference of the ecoblock of EKOTON plant is fine heat-insulating ability. Heat-shielding properties of material from cellular concrete are 2-3 times higher, than at a silicate or ceramic brick.

Technological effectiveness.

Products from a gas concrete easily give in to processing even when using simple carpenter's tools. Simplicity of processing of cellular concrete allows to make designs of various configuration including arch; to cut through channels and openings under an electrical wiring, sockets and pipelines.


The main distinctive properties of wall blocks from cellular concrete is their size and the facilitated weight which allow to build buildings in the shortest possible time at the minimum expenses. Accuracy of the sizes allows to carry out a laying of blocks on glue mixes, cutting a solution consumption by 5-7 times, and labor input by 4 times and to considerably reduce thickness of internal and external plaster.

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Gas-blocks, ecoblock, blocks wall
Gas-blocks, ecoblock, blocks wall
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