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Gate automatic for sterile rooms

Gate automatic for sterile rooms

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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureBelgium
  • Control methodAutomatic


High-speed, flexible,

the self-repairing gate

General information

High-speed gate of vertical action with a speed of opening up to 2,7 meters per second.

Only DYNACO, at the expense of the patented design of gate, for 100% provide:

Self-restoration: at casual blow moving transport, during closing or opening - the cloth of gate "leaves" guides and automatically refuels back at the following cycle of closing.

High intensity: for the most busy schedules of work – to 2,000 cycles a day, the general resource - 1,000,000 (it is certified in the EU), in practice – to 2,500,000 cycles (from operating experience in the Russian Federation).

Safety: the cloth of gate has no rigid/firm elements and it is completely safe for users.

Not damageability: it is difficult to damage a cloth of gate – at blow it just "leaves" guides.

Tightness: high extent of sealing of an aperture from drafts, cold/heat, penetration of dust, moisture.

Big wind loading: I maintain big wind loading – over 1000 Pas that over 140 km/h are equivalent to wind speed.

Big sizes: gate to Sh11,000 x V5,500mm, and also by request considerably the big sizes are standardly made.

Convenience of management: the wide range of actuation devices for requirements of any complexity, also - the customer can connect the automatic equipment of opening.

Wide model range: for compliance to requirements of various branches – trade, production, refrigerating / freezers, a warehouse, hangars, the airports, as a part of the conveyor.

Low cost of service and repair: thanks to the design gate practically do not demand maintenance, repair is usually reduced to replacement of expendables (teeths / a plastic guide).

The design of gate of DYNACO has no world analogs and is protected by the international patents. Thanks to an innovative design of DYNACO surely wins the market in more than 50 countries and has 30% of the market in Europe, 55% in Japan, 20% in the USA today.

The list of Clients, the large international companies - confirms advantages of DYNACO and is provided on demand. Additional information on

More than 50% of our Clients in the Russian Federation have operating experience of high-speed gate of other producers and chose DYNACO gate for the enterprises.

100% of Clients of Dynaco are completely satisfied with operation of gate and continue cooperation, establishing gate on the new objects.

High-speed gate of Dynaco

D-313 Cleanroom LF model

Special gate (analog of D-313 LF) for the maximum isolation of rooms. Gate with the vnutrivalny engine and high speed of opening, demand a place minimum for installation.

Service conditions

Application: in rooms - trade, a warehouse, "pure" production.

The maximum sizes (Sh x In): 3,500 x 3,500mm, the minimum width is 900 mm.

Wind loading - for the maximum size to 300 Pas (wind speed to 70km/h)

for gate to Sh2,500 x V3,500 - to 450 Pas (wind speed to 90km/h).


Opening speed: ± 2,7 m/s

Closing speed: 0,5 m/s

Resource: at least 1,000,000 cycles.

Design: a cloth of gate without rigid elements, with flexible ballast in the lower part of a cloth. The cloth directly enters lateral guides and slides in them (Patent).

Frame: it is made of an U-shaped profile from galvanized steel 37kh52kh3mm (from stainless steel – an option).

Protective and decorative box from plastic for a shaft, lateral guides in the standard. RAL 9006 color (aluminum).

Shaft of winding of a cloth: from PVC, diameter 200kh3.9mm, an axis steel.

Additional isolation: a sealant between a cloth and bottom edge of a protective box – for the best isolation.

The strengthened sealant of a bottom of gate.

Lateral guides: from special plastic, are established on the With-shaped profile from galvanized steel (an option – from stainless steel).

Cloth of gate: from the strengthened PVH (PVC 900 gr/m ²). Colors (RAL): yellow (1003), gray (7035), blue (5002), red (3000), green (6005), orange (2004), white (9010), black (9005).

Block of gas station of a cloth: at casual blow transport the cloth regularly "leaves" guides, the block is intended for gas station of a cloth of gate in guides at the following cycle of closing of gate. Closing will happen automatically or after command for closing from any Post of Management.

Engine: IP of the 65, 2 of polar, is established in a shaft of winding of a cloth, is run by the frequency converter.

Power: 0,75 kW.

Trailer switches: the provision of gate is constantly traced by an enkoder (the digital contactless sensor of absolute situation), is located on a back flange of the motor.

Brake: it is established in a shaft and it is used for its fixing after full opening or closing of gate.

It is not applied to braking at the movement – that provides long service life and does not demand adjustments.

Control unit (compact): the steel, painted IP 54.

Standardly contains: the frequency converter, the magnetic and temperature switch, the main protective switch, the transformer 24 V, the programmable timer for closing, buttons of opening, the emergency stop.

Length of electric cables of the gate connecting standard elements allows to place BU at distance about 1200 mm from a floor and 1000 mm from gate from the engine.

The sensors delivered standardly:

Photo cells - 30 mm from the plane of a cloth and 300 mm from a floor are established at distance +. Find presence of the pedestrian or the vehicle at a zone of gate – gate will open and will be open while the object is in a zone of gate.

The sensor of control of a cloth – is installed in the top part of a frame and controls a cloth when closing gate. In case of violation of dynamics of closing – opens gate.

The wireless sensitive edge of Dynaco WDD (Patent) - consists of the sensitive element and a radio transmitter established in the lower sealant of a cloth of gate. The radio receiver is installed in the Control unit.

The signal is transmitted on a radio channel, only if when closing a collar concern an obstacle. The control unit, having accepted it, immediately opens gate. Such operating mode provides a long resource of lithium batteries as the most part of time the transmitter is in an inactive state. WDD allows to exclude application of an unreliable spiral cable or pressure gages.

Food: single-phase 220 – 240V. Frequency: 50 Hz.

The client needs to execute conducting and to install the package switch on 16A.

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Gate automatic for sterile rooms
Gate automatic for sterile rooms
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