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Geyner for a set of muscle bulk Powermass buy in Almaty
Buy Geyner for a set of muscle bulk Powermass
Geyner for a set of muscle bulk Powermass

Geyner for a set of muscle bulk Powermass

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We want to bring to your attention Powermass
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Contains two unique elements necessary for achievement of sense of fulness - the Cambodian gamboge extract (which main active agent the GLK hydroxylemon acid with concentration of 50% is) and chrome chloride.

Both components make synergetic impact on carbohydrates. GLK effectively suppresses appetite and slows down lipogenez (formation of fatty tissue on the basis of carbohydrates). Chloride of chrome is a wonderful regulator of glucose, the burner of fat, and also the substance keeping muscle bulk.

Ideal product for the athletes seeking to lose the weight and to keep muscle bulk.

Additional information:

Contains sweeteners. Sports additives should not be used as replacement of the balanced food. Sports additives have to be stored in inaccessible for children. Not to exceed the recommended daily dose of sports additives.

Content of nutrients in one capsule:
Fitosomny kurkumin: 250 mg

D3 vitamin: 1,87 mkg

For a set of muscle bulk

Professional bodybuilding and powerlifting surely develops in Almaty. Many beginners are lost among techniques and means of improvement of own results: approximately on a third the success rests against ideally picked up healthy sports food. Our online store proposes the checked solutions for professionals and beginners.

You only begin to be engaged in a gym, and understand that additional sports additives are necessary for an organism for accumulation of muscle bulk. But the variety of firms and preparations does not allow to make a right choice without special knowledge. For you our experts offer a complex for a set of muscle bulk.

Main features

Among means for a set of muscle bulk there are various options: from cocktails to special vitamins. Around such products many myths, but the vast majority of them - completely natural mixes similar on structure to simple food go. The most nutritious elements in them are cleared of "excess" components, such as saturated fats.

Similar decisions are popular also with athletes:

  • Football players.
  • Athletes.
  • Mountain skiers and snowboarders.
  • Climbers.
  • Various fans of extreme sports.

The mission and the mode of consumption has each appearance of such products: to, on the course or after training. The concentrated proteins are useful as to, and later, they give a good stock of energy and help to be restored easily to a tired organism. Amino acids are one of essential and vital peculiar "construction materials" in a body of the person and provide optimum muscle growth. The main thing - to observe dosages and not to neglect the mode.


  • It is easy to take the majority of geyner and mixes with itself everywhere.
  • Simplicity of the use.
  • It is easily acquired, more tasty and more effectively restores forces, than a classical vegetables and meat diet.
  • Full complex of valuable minerals and vitamins.
  • Possibility of individual selection: from fitness before weightlifting.

We propose only actual effective solutions from serious brands. Delivery by the courier or is provided in the closest point of shipment at own expense.


Effective accumulation of muscle bulk does not do without the healthy sports nutrition. In such business the main thing - attentive selection and balance of composition of mix for all necessary parameters. The real complex of sports food has to consider not only serious inquiries on quality, but also individual characteristics of the athlete, including the purposes which he before himself sets.

Demand for such production grows in Almaty because people are even more often shown interest in the form and a physical state. For someone it becomes a pleasant hobby, for others - purposeful activity.

Variety of decisions

Today it is possible to get professional sports food for reasonable price. We propose only the checked solutions and we show consideration for interests of the client. Delivery across all Kazakhstan.

  • It is possible to find a smart combination in variety of the offered products both counting upon power trainings, and for kardio, specific decisions exist also for fitness, and also natural weight loss.
  • Sports food should not be replacement to usual food. Follow all instructions and accurately observe dosages.


Complexes are good the fact that they solve several problems at once: they may contain rolls, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and other components.

  • Maximum convenience of the use and dosage.
  • Excellent quality and high concentration of useful substances.
  • The compact sizes allow to take jars with themselves everywhere.
  • Wide choice for search of effective balance of ingredients.

Issue the order online with delivery in the closest point of shipment at own expense or to a door. The free help in selection of the optimal solution is provided.

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Geyner for a set of muscle bulk Powermass
Geyner for a set of muscle bulk Powermass
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