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Geyner (sports food) Powergym Powermass

Geyner (sports food) Powergym Powermass

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Our Vv you can get Geyner (sports food) Powergym Powermass of 1200.
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Geyner Powermass is one of the best products some kind of in highly competitive market of sports food. It is ideally suited for those who wish to build up muscle bulk considerably. Many geyner become the reason of increase not in muscular, but fatty weight, because of high content of sugar. As a result, the person should worry about excess fat. The geyner of Powermass, contains carbohydrates with a low glycemic index which will provide a qualitative set of weight. Moreover, unlike the majority of geyner, our product contains also amino acids with a branched chain (BCAA) which provide restoration of the injured muscles right after trainings.

Nitrogen source with the low content of fat. Triglitserina of an average chain (MCT) give to an organism huge energy that will allow to give all the best at trainings on a maximum. A magnificent preparation for the long and intensive loadings, thanks to easy and full effective assimilation which are contained in it minerals. If your purpose to gain the weight and muscle bulk, then this geyner - the ideal choice.


This sports additive contains soy and derivative products of milk. Existence of traces of gluten is also possible.

Additional information:

Contains sweeteners. Sports additives should not be used as replacement of the balanced food. Sports additives have to be stored in inaccessible for children. Not to exceed the recommended daily dose of sports additives.

Content of nutrients on 40 g:

  • L-glyutamin: 200 mg.
  • Vitamin C: 26,6 mg.
  • B3 vitamin: 5,32 mg.
  • Vitamin E: 4 mg.
  • Zinc: 3,34 mg.
  • Iron: 2.7 mg.
  • B5 vitamin: 2 mg.
  • B6 vitamin: 465 mkg.
  • B2 vitamin: 465 mkg.
  • B1 vitamin: 365 mkg.
  • B9 vitamin: 66.4 mkg.
  • Biotin: 16,6 mkg.
  • Selenium of 13 mkg.
  • Mkg B12 0,84 vitamin.

The set of qualitative weight requires observance of a number of conditions: to develop the schedule of food, to make the list of products. Food has to be balanced and carefully thought over. The substances containing a large number of calories are most often saturated a trance - fats. It is harmful to an organism, besides, not the muscle bulk, but a fatty layer will grow. That it did not happen, the food has to be useful, it is possible to use nuts, chicken breasts, vegetables. But also it is not enough such diet for athletes. Reception of a special additive - a geyner can help.

Structure and need of reception

Mix contains carbohydrates with low, and also high glycemic index and proteins. The correct structure allows to saturate an organism with nutrients after physical activity. It will accelerate restoration. Geyner for a set of weight is necessary to people with the accelerated metabolism leading active lifestyle and that who often misses meals.

Classification and right choice

Conditional division of such additives means:
geyner with prevalence of carbohydrates. Accepting it, you receive the necessary number of calories, but can not receive norm of protein. At the same time substance will cope with the main objective - a weight set;

additive with equal amount of protein and carbohydrates. Very convenient option for those whom important not only to gather additionally norm of calories, but also to fill up protein reserves (on a formula: 2 g of protein are the share of 1 kg of weight). It is possible to buy mix from us, having chosen necessary packing, depending on an estimated consumption of substance.

Scheme of reception

Geynera accept about four times a day: several hours prior to training, after classes and still few times during the day. On average the athlete spends 400 g of an additive daily. It is possible to dilute substance with milk or water. An approximate ratio - 300 ml of liquid on 100 g of an additive. You can get such sports additive in Almaty.
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Geyner (sports food) Powergym Powermass
Geyner (sports food) Powergym Powermass
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