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Technical characteristics
  • BrandUltimate Nutrition
  • Country of manufactureUnited States
Geynera, food sports. Packing:-4,75 kg. Muscle Juice from the Ultimate Nutrition company is one of the best and popular geyner today. One portion of Muscle Juice 2544 contains 55 grams of special high-quality protein mix which includes high-quality isolate of serumal protein, a concentrate of serumal protein, egg white and caseinate of calcium, and all this will help you correctly and to qualitatively build muscles. That your organism and your muscles did not experience starvation, demanding continuous inflow of nutrients, the Ultimate Nutrition company using all the modern technologies when developing Muscle Juice 2544 created the special protein mix giving to an organism effect of slow release of nutrients during the whole 6 hours. For obtaining the greatest possible growth of your muscles, every portion of Muscle Juice 2544 contains 162 grams of the special high-quality carbohydrate complex created by the Ultimate Nutrition company especially for improvement of parameters of growth of muscular tissue. Also, every portion of Muscle Juice 2544 includes 17 grams of the special fats containing triglycerides with an average chain of MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) thanks to which productivity of your organism by increase in energy improves. Triglycerides with an average chain are a slow, but stable power source, but it is important to note the fact that MCT do not remain in an organism as subcutaneous fat and do not increase your level of cholesterol. At application only of one portion your organism will receive 13,000 mg of BCAA - three amino acids with a branched chain which effectively will help your organism to improve muscle growth and to fill your body with energy. Besides, in Muscle Juice 2544 contains in certain quantities such amino acids as glyutamin and arginin.

Sports food of Ultimate Nutrition Muscle Juice 2544:
contains 55 g of high-quality protein for 1 portion;
the high-quality mix containing 4 types of protein: isolate of serumal protein, concentrate of serumal protein, egg white and caseinate of calcium;
13,000 mg of BCAA for one portion;
10,9 g of predecessors of a glyutamin for the portion;
more than 1,4 g of an arginin;
excellent taste.
4 spoons of a product contain the following amount of nutrients (mg):
• 1021 - Calories
• 153 - Calories from fats
• 17 - All fats
• 77 - Cholesterol
• 108 - Sodium
• 365 - Potassium
• 162 - All carbohydrates
• 55 - Protein
• 47 ME - Vitamin A
• 358 - Calcium
• 1,5 - Gland
Composition of amino acids on a portion of a product:
• 6112 - L-leucine
• 3548 - L-L-izoleytsina
• 3417 - L-L-valina
• 5122 - L-lysine
• 4187 - L-L-treonina
• 1223 - L-methionine
• 1925 - L-phenylalanine
• 894 - L-tryptophane
• 1485 - L-L-arginina
• 6346 - Acid L-asparaginovoy
• 1300 - L-cystine
• 2929 - L-L-alanina
• 10973 - Acid L-glyutaminovoy
• 1100 - L-glycine
• 1011 - L-histidine
• 3548 - L-proline
• 3039 - L-L-serina
• 1753 - L-L-tirozina
Recommendations about application of sports food:
Take 4 measured spoons or 250 grams of powder and part them in 500 - 600 ml of water or milk. Accept Muscle Juice 2544 in 30-45 min. prior to training, and also in an hour after its end. Those days when you are not engaged in physical activities, accept Muscle Juice 2544 between meals, in the first and in the second half of day.

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Geynera Muscle Juice
Geynera Muscle Juice
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