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GH-202 scales (51GH0,01 of MG / 220gkh0.1mg, internal calibration), AND buy in Shymkent
Buy GH-202 scales (51GH0,01 of MG / 220gkh0.1mg, internal calibration), AND
GH-202 scales (51GH0,01 of MG / 220gkh0.1mg, internal calibration), AND

GH-202 scales (51GH0,01 of MG / 220gkh0.1mg, internal calibration), AND

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The model samotestirutsya and samokalibrutsya, reacting to change of external temperature and other external conditions. Autocalibration takes place in the mode of one contact, calibration is carried out by pressing the Cal key. These analytical scales carry out weighing, representing result in 13 units of measure. Memory of scales is capable to store data on 200 consecutive results of weighing (without date and time), 100 parameters with date and time, 50 parameters with calibration and full history of measurement.


  • The standard RS-232C interface allows to connect scales to the personal computer and others peripheral to devices.
  • Scales are equipped with the built-in calibration weight that simplifies calibration procedures, setup and service of scales. In case of detection of change of ambient temperature, scales carry out automatic self-calibration.
  • The fast USB interface which is not demanding installation of special drivers is used for transfer of results of weighing on the computer.
  • Adaptation is located on the bottom of scales. With its help it is possible to weigh magnetic materials, dimensional, but easy objects, to make gydrostatic weighing.
  • Scales are calculated and bring to the display value of result of weighing in percentage expression from value of the standard weight taken for 100%. This function is used for target or check weighing.
  • WinCT - program products A&D. The program is so simple in use that it does not demand any special preparation for loading of data from scales A&D in the personal computer. Given ON it can be used with any scales A&D, equipped with the RS-232C interface. Perhaps, you want to learn, than given ON you it can be useful.
  • Scales automatically calculate and bring results of measurement of density to the display.
  • Liquid crystal display. Such type of the display is energy saving.
  • The local network is intended for high-speed transfer of results of weighing and the organization of production lines on the basis of several scales. (It is delivered with the software of WinCT-plus on CD ROM.)
  • The standard of work in laboratories. A possibility of obtaining information on history of work of specific model in a standard format. Printout contains: ID number of scales, data on calibration, date, time and serial number of the device. Data can be printed by means of the AD-8121 printer or the personal computer.
  • After connection to a network, scales join automatically without pressing of the ON:OFF key.
  • Data are output to the display in a piece equivalent. At recalculation of unit of mass the ACAI function automatically works. The ACAI function (automatic increase of accuracy of the account) - continuous recalculation and specification of value of average mass of one subject for the purpose of achievement of optimum accuracy of the account even for very small objects.
  • Function of memory will allow to take at connection to the personal computer or the AD-8121B printer from memory: values of results of consecutive measurements, parameters of date and time, calibration, the comparator (if this function is in scales) and so forth.

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GH-202 scales (51GH0,01 of MG / 220gkh0.1mg, internal calibration), AND
GH-202 scales (51GH0,01 of MG / 220gkh0.1mg, internal calibration), AND
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