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GORN-KG-30V/250A power supply uni buy in Aktobe
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GORN-KG-30V/250A power supply uni

GORN-KG-30V/250A power supply uni

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Powerful source of current in the protected execution with a possibility of installation of output current and tension. It is possible to establish current and tension in the manual mode and according to the put program. Circuitry base of a source is the invertor AC/DC converter of a class. Primary power network of a source is galvanic untied from an output chain of loading of a source. The source of current has protection against short circuit, overloads on current, break of a chain of loading and break of a phase wire of power network. Degree of protection of the case of a source of current of IP54. The source is intended for work in the conditions of the industrial production connected with aggressive technological processes in the atmosphere containing vapors of acids and alkalis and also with a possibility of loss of condensate and sedimentation of electroconductive dust. The source of current is calculated on work with the equipment of galvanic production or other equipment connected with technological processes of electrochemical processing of materials and substances. The source can work, as as a part of the equipment, and independently. Control of a source is exercised by means of the control panel. The control panel upon the demand of the customer can be built in the source case, or can be out of it. Delivery of a source of current without control panel, with a possibility of management of external signals is possible. The source is issued in the following modifications: - GORN - KG - 30V/250A, food from network of 380 V 50 Hz, standard execution; - GORN - KG - 30V/250A - R, food from network of 380 V 50 Hz, with electronic switching of polarity of output signals (reverse); entrance tension industrial network 380B ±10 of % , 50 Hz the maximum output power of 7.5 kW the maximum power of 9 kW consumed from network the range of change of output parameters on current 2.5 A - 250 A on voltage of 0.3 B - 30 V efficiency, efficiency in the range of the output powers of 1.5 kW - 6 kW, not less than 85% the accuracy of installation (task) of output parameters on current 2.5 A on tension 0.3 B accuracy of automatic stabilization of output parameters at the worst destabilizing factors on current in the range of 0 - 83 And 2.5 And in the range of 83 And - 250 A 3% of the I - st. on tension in the range of 0 - 10 V of 0.3 B in the range of 10 V - 30 V of 3% of Uvykh coefficient of pulsations of output current (in the range of output currents 25 A - 250 A) at a frequency of 300 Hz, no more than 3% at a frequency of transformation of 20 - 100 kHz, no more than 10% isolation parameters between entrance and output chains isolation Resistance at tokp of =50 °C and relative humidity of 80% , not less than 5 megohms the test tension of isolation of the power transformer (the operating test value/frequency/time). 2kv/50gts/1min protective parameters protection from k. z. , the lowered/increased tension of network, break of a phase, break of a load chain, an overheat. frequency of work of a reverse 0.. . 50 Hz (to 100 Hz on demand) the frequency of operation of the converter 20. . 100 kHz an operating mode continuous, 24 hours a day parameters of microprocessor system an independent task of current, tension, duration and polarity for several automatically executed time intervals (to 20), calculation and indication of ampere - hours, (perhaps automatic shutdown on achievement of a preset value And x Hour) distance from the converter to the portable control panel to 10 m Parameters of a design of power supply units (help data) of Mark of the block Degree of protection of the case of the Cooling Sizes converter of the case of the converter, mm the Weight of the converter, the IP54 Control panel - 120 x 145 x 50 0,25 GORN - KG - 30V/250A IP54 compulsory air data are specified by kg data IP54 GORN - KG - 30V/250A - R compulsory air data are specified data are specified Service conditions are specified Power supply units have climatic modification of UHL 4.1 according to GOST 15150 - 69, also are intended for work in shop and laboratory rooms with artificial climate. Range of working temperatures of air of + 10 °C of ÷ of + 25 °C. Relative humidity of air of 80% . Expanded the range of temperatures of + 1 °C of ÷ of + 35 °C (at restriction of output power to 80% of maximum). Blocks are intended for work in the corrosion and aggressive atmosphere of shops of galvanic productions (degree the 4th group C in accordance with GOST 9.039 - 74).

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GORN-KG-30V/250A power supply uni
GORN-KG-30V/250A power supply uni
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