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The getting GS waterproofing Penetrat in own way is unique since allows to receive a waterproof surface within 24-48 hours after drawing a product in otlichiyeot a traditsionnoypronikayushchy waterproofing (A penetron, Kalmatron, etc.) which demand on average 3-4 weeks for achievement of water tightness of a concrete surface.

Such fast waterproof effect is possible due to membrane action of this product, namely fast hardening of a membrane component of a product.

It gives enormous benefit to the customer in the economic plan, and in certain cases, for example, at construction of a tunnel where time worth its weight in gold and an opportunity to expect achievement of water tightness of a design within a month is absent, this problem with ease is solved by the getting GS waterproofing Penetrat.

Differences from other materials of the getting action:

- antibacterial properties;

- thanks to high-quality and quantitative selection of active components the effect of formation of vysol on a surface is almost completely excluded;

- effect of self-curing of cracks less than 0,4 mm wide;

- penetration + protective layer;

- work on a waterproofing is possible under damp conditions;

- material is especially effective with a negative (negative) pressure of water;


The chemical composition of a crystal phase of a waterproofing of GS Penetrat is identical to structure cement knitting that provides absolute compatibility of a concrete basis and this phase and the absolute service life equal to the term of operation of the concrete.

Application in GS compounding Penetrat of antiseptic additives in the form of particles of silver promotes removal of various colonies of an organic origin: mold and barmy fungi, seaweed and bacteria, disinfects and prevents the further growth of microorganisms and dispute, interferes with reproduction of fungi, bacteria.

The concrete processed by penetrating GS waterproofing Penetrat keeps the acquired properties (increase in water tightness, increase of durability at compression) on all service life. The concrete which was more saturated with water is subject to processing, the more deeply penetration of chemical components in concrete is deeper effect of a waterproofing.

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GS Penetra
GS Penetra
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