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Halogen-free N2XH 2*2,5 cable buy in Almaty
Buy Halogen-free N2XH 2*2,5 cable
Halogen-free N2XH 2*2,5 cable

Halogen-free N2XH 2*2,5 cable

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandSTP CABLE
  • Country of manufactureAzerbaijan
  • Term of referenceDIN VDE 0293-308 и HD 186
  • Conductor materialCopper



Is a power fire-resistant cable without the content of halogen with lowered dymo-and gas emission, for work on rated voltage of 0,6 and 1 kV.


Marking is deciphered as follows:

N – the instruction on the fact that the product is made according to the German VDE standard.

2X – the instruction on the isolation made of the sewed polyethylene.

N – the instruction on absence in isolation of halogen connections.


N2XH is a cable of general purpose, it is applied when laying in the open air, in dry and damp production rooms, cable communications, in places of a mass congestion of people, and valuable property, such as the airports, the subway, stations, hotels, and also on objects of the increased danger, for example, nuclear power plants.


Most often the cable may contain from one up to five single-wire or multiwire copper veins of the first or second class (DIN VDE 0295 standard).

Section of a cable can be ranging from 4 to 300 mm2.

Each vein is in isolation from the sewed polyethylene (XLPE — Cross-Linked (sewed), PE — PolyEthylene (polyethylene)) and is designated by color marking.

The space between veins is filled with halogen-free nonflammable mix.

The external cover consists of plamyazamedlyayushchy halogen-free mix on the basis of a polyolefin thanks to which, the cable is capable to keep the working capacity for three hours from the moment of the beginning of the fire (according to the DIN VDE 0472 standard part 814).

Important properties of the N2XH cable

  • The cable prevents distribution of an open flame (DIN VDE 0472 part 804C)
  • Density of a smoke which is allocated when melting has very low density (according to DIN VDE 0472 part 816).
  • Absence as a part of isolation and a cover of group of halogens: fluorine, bromine, chlorine, iodine and astatine does this cable to the safest as when melting it is not emitted toxic substances (DIN VDE 0472 part 813).
  • Existence of a polyolefin as a part of a cover considerably slows down melting process.
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Halogen-free N2XH 2*2,5 cable
Halogen-free N2XH 2*2,5 cable
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