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Haricot (лат. Phaséolus) — the standard sort of plants of family Bean (Fabaceae) integrating about 87 types in warmer areas of both hemispheres. Get divorced because of fruits and seeds — and some types also because of flowers (under the name of "kidney bean").

From the cultivated types first place is won by common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) with many versions and grades from which one — curling, others — bush. The homeland of this look — Latin America.

Other type of haricot — Phaseolus coccineus, with red flowers, often get divorced as beautifully blossoming climber.

Some types called in popular speech by haricot belong to other childbirth bean, for example to the sort Cow Pea (Vigna). Popular food plant beans ordinary, horse or Russian (Vicia faba) belong to roduvik, or peas.

Seeds of haricot are placed on both shutters of bean. Haricot belongs to two childbirth - Phaseolus and Vigna. The most popular - common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris).


More than 7 thousand years ago the people occupying the earth of South America began to grow up haricot. Later it became popular culture of Ancient Egypt, then Rome. In the 3rd century BC haricot "is documented" also in chronicles of China. Romans, by the way, found to this pulse crop not only food application: the Roman beauties used it and in the cosmetic purposes - excellent whitewash and powder came out haricot. Haricot - ingredient of the well - known face pack of Cleopatra.

In the Middle Ages haricot for some reason was forgotten, and Europe got acquainted with this culture during era of Great geographical discoveries thanks to Columbus and America again. The French dealers delivered haricot to Russia where not at once estimated its food appointment and only admired flowers and the curling shoots. Later farmers found out that beans of haricot it is similar to peas, are steady against cold weather and occupy less than the spaces.

Today haricot is grown up everywhere. British, Germans, French, and also Chinese and inhabitants of South America still grow up haricot, export it to other countries, leaving also in own cookery for it the important place.


Selectors removed set of grades of plant. The large white beans having similarity to cockleshell cook the most long time - almost an hour and a half, but at the same time wonderfully it keeps the form. Taste of such grade unimaginably creamy. From this haricot beautiful soup turns out, and mix with corn or vegetables will play role of excellent garnish. Sakotash - traditional dish of Thanksgiving Day in one of states of America: add milk and oil sauce to boiled haricot.

The Mexican red motley beans have attractive cherry and wine color with pink spots. However, when cooking this diversity is lost. Inversely proportional happens to aroma: it becomes nasyshchenny. Combining with spicy herbs, haricot of this grade is crushed, mixed with sauces and receive paste for tortilla. In the same look the red beans can be given to stewed meat. Fans sharp will like Chile - game - karne which exceeds Indian curry on sharpness. Very simple dish turns out when motley haricot is mixed with corn.

The white beans of neva are suitable for conservation. Previously she is killed for 6 - 8 hours and boiled down about 45 minutes. Rich soup from this haricot turns out very nourishing and tasty, and usual salad finds new taste.

Black haricot is widespread in Brazilian cuisine. It is bitterish on taste, but is suitable for any culinary imaginations.

For hot dishes - soups, ragout and baked puddings - chala haricot is recommended. It has white color and is allocated with the large size. Its preparation requires 35 - 40 minutes.

Salad with Persian walnuts, cucumbers and vegetable oil - the most suitable place for the American haricot under the name "evil eye" which brightly reflects its outward.

The excellent bean dessert in Japanese cuisine is prepared from pale purple haricot by adzuki beans.

In ground look haricot can be added to flour and to bake flat cakes from them. Meat paste can become even more tasty if to use haricot at its preparation.

Structure and properties

Seeds of haricot are rich with starch. Magnesium, calcium and iron - unseparable friends of haricot.

In edible green beans of haricot there is Retinolum and ascorbic acid.

Look for complacencies and tranquility - haricot wonderfully will fit into diet: she has positive influence on the central nervous system. Haricot is recommended to TB patients.

How many to cook haricot

Before cooking haricot needs to be wetted in cold water for 6 - 12 hours. To cook haricot in new water of 40 - 60 minutes.

Caloric content and nutrition value of haricot

Haricot caloric content - 298 kcal.

Nutrition value of haricot: proteins - 21 g, fats - 2 g, carbohydrates - 47 g.

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Haricot vegetable
Haricot vegetable
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