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Harrow disk BDF hinged, 1,8m buy in Almaty
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Harrow disk BDF hinged, 1,8m

Harrow disk BDF hinged, 1,8m

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandАгроТехКомплект
  • Country of manufactureRussia

The hinged harrow of BDF intends for performance of preseeding works and continuous processing of soil of various mechanical structure under grain, technical and fodder plants with single refreshing of zadernely meadows (seal of the vegetable remains to the soil) when using various agrotechnical schemes.

Depth of processing can be regulated in the range of 8-18 cm with a capture width in 1,8m. The recommended operation of this harrow with tractors with an engine capacity from 40 h.p. and hydraulic system on soil with a humidity indicator no more than 27% and with a density not higher than 3,5 MPas in the absence of sites with a big zakamenelost.

The complete set of a harrow of BDF hinged includes lamellar skating rinks of a cylindrical form with a section of 400 mm which crush soil, condense and level its surface. Also skating rinks of a hinged harrow allow to regulate depth of processing of the soil. Keeping of depth when loosening and stability of the course of the aggregated tractor with a harrow is provided with the special screw mechanism talrepy - the regulator of vertical position of a skating rink.

Reliability and long operation is caused by feature of a design - 2 rows of disks camomiles from strong steel of brand 65G to subject heat treatment on individual racks with fastening in the main bar 2 brackets with a section of 20 mm of the G-shaped form.

The boot from steel is established on an axis which blocks a nave and forms protective system with a cuff and an epiploon inside. Such approach when modeling completely excludes clogging of interdisk space, and also allow to use this agricultural tool at high speeds up to 14 km/h.

  • Working width: 1,8 m
  • Working speed: 8-12 km/h
  • Weight: 675 kg
  • Necessary power of a tractor: 40 h.p.
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Harrow disk BDF hinged, 1,8m
Harrow disk BDF hinged, 1,8m
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